Cub – C U 1 (CUB 01) – 7/10

A sinister piece that chops your mind like a guillotine. It’s a definition of hardcore techno in 2010: the BPMs do not rush but the atmosphere is utterly dark and impelling. “C U 1” on the A-side is a Spartan journey with straightforward metallic beats and all kind of inhuman sounds. Clinks and clonks are surrounded by impenetrable fog of echoes and buzz that is all over the place.
On the flip a remix by UST (Ugandan Speed Trials, I bet) that is not any more digestible and does not let any daylight in either. You get hollow drums as an extra here. However, both sides share the same patterns and are almost identical. A bit more of variations would not have done any harm to this monster.
Fits well to the company of Ancient Methods and newer Downwards productions. A real riot of the machines, supposedly German-made. Who knows, maybe Jay Ahern on a drone trip here?

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