DUST OFF: Karl Marx Stadt – 1997 – 2001 (Lux Nigra 16 – 2001)

The website of now defunct Lux Nigra featured jolly commercial spots from Japan and the label in general seemed to be addicted to the country of Rising Sun. For Karl-Marx-Stadt as such the sun has gone down, because the city in the Eastern part of Germany is called Chemnitz nowadays.

It was in 2001 when Christian Gierden put together a tolerance test in the form of a versatile mini-LP. On the A-side “Test Object” kicks off as random dreamy electronica but then wild breakbeats take the control. “011000” is a soft interlude before “Vgamz” intrudes, with a mix of UK and Teutonic hardcore that signs off with a melodic Atari-like sound after frantic analog massacre. “Nowhere At Home” is plain techno for the floor.

B-side launches with “Nsk2.Sqids”, where poker face electronica morphs into hectic woodpecker disco and pitched ragga shouts. “Moonie Moonstone” has synths and cembalo, followed by the most insane exercise: A screaming Japanese folk singer opens “Optime Prior”, then flooded with ugly gabber. Female vocals soften a bit “Theorie Und Praxis” that is heavier bass-laden electro hop. Quite a rollercoaster.


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