Terminal 313 Podcast – April 2014

The tracklist with buy links (not all of them available as of 11 April):
Architectural – Cold Wet Grass (Architectural Records)*
Juho Kahilainen – Xemx (M_Rec Ltd Grey Series)
Klankman – Love Hurts (Bunker)
Iron Curtis – Spirals (Polytone Recordings)
John Osborn & Tallmen785 – Deskjam (Tom Dicicco Remix) (Run Out Run)*
Terrence Dixon – The Fall Guy Pt2 (Still Music)
Ricardo Donoso – Diagonal Environment (Recondite Remix) (Digitalis)
PVS – Black Paranoid 7 (Key Vinyl)*
RVDE – Kuglar (Somewhere Recordings)*
Adriana Lopez – Permanent Condition (Semantica)
Jose Pouj – Stealth (Jonas Kopp Remix) (Injected Poison Records)
Damaskin – Kaona II (Concrete Records)*
Kangding Ray – Amber Decay (Raster-Noton)
Qoso – Jura (In Paradisum)
Device Control – Business Separation (Device Control Recordings)
Headless Horseman – Legend (Headless Horseman)
Huren – A2 (Zhark Recordings)
Paul Birken – Acid Youth Of Malibu (Paul Birken Remix) (Earwiggle)
Aiken – Dismal (Semantica)
Roebin de Freitas – Doubt (Lakker Remix) (ante-rasa)
Drvg Cvltvre – Acid Flash (Drvg Cvltvre vs Chris Moss Acid) (Shipwrec)*
V/VM – Take My Beef Away (V/VM Test Records)
Sister / Body – Evol of Lluf (Tesla Tapes)

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