Ten train tracks

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The following playlist could be extended by Moroder’s “Midnight Express”, The Farm’s “Groovy Train”, Kadoc’s “The Nighttrain” or even Soul Asylum’s “Runaway Train”, but this is my selection of ten train-themed tracks, spanning from experimental sounds to italo disco. What I noticed is that mid-1990s new generation Chicago producers were pretty obsessed about railway themes and they are represented with a couple of tracks (thought about adding BMC’s “Loco Motion” too). Feel free to add your suggestions to the comments below. Chris Watson – El Divisadero (The Telegraph) (Touch) After a CD album with field recordings made in Mexico, Cabaret Voltaire’s founding member Watson issued […]

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Ten f*ck tracks

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We can’t speak of the ‘fuck’ shortage in the music around us, as there are about 50,000 related hits in Discogs. Although the word itself is not enough for rebellion, the artists feel often tempted to see ‘fuck’ as a way to self-expression, which has led to a number of tracks balancing between the good and the bad taste, more the latter. Obviously, ballads are not the genre where we should look around while music breeds like punk and hardcore or ghetto and booty bass provide a lot of thematic material. The following selection represents mostly artists and labels I can recall from earlier days. Something […]

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Ten summer tracks


This post is not about Ibiza beach parties and hardstyle DJs rocking the stadiums. Just a random selection that could be taged ‘summer techno/house’ in my view, take it or leave it. Sequential – “Prophet” (Pod Communication) Landmark trance track by Sequential, a project by Pete Namlook and Christian Thier from the beginning of the 1990s. The real bliss starts at 3:50.   Andreas Dorau – “Girls In Love, Grungerman Mix I” (Ladomat 2000) Andreas Dorau, a German NDW and pop wonder, getting his 1997 hit remixed by Wolfgang Voigt.   Ajukaja – “Ahiwo Ahiwo” (Porridge Bullet) After “Benga Benga”, another […]

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