Morphology – Frozen State EP (Vortex Traks VTX 004 – 2016)


With “Frozen State EP”, Morphology has saved the best for the last in 2016. After appearing on recent Vortex Traks mini compilation, the duo’s first solo effort on the label affirms that after releases on Central Processing Unit, Abstract Forms and other contributions, Michael Diekmann and Matti Turunen still have plenty of gas left in the tank for the end of the year. In the new four-tracker, Morphology artists are soundtracking the struggle in sub-zero temperatures with crisp, mechanical electro that is soaked with acid bits of differing intensity. Straight from the opener “Frozen State” caustic dust is sprayed over […]

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Terminal 313 for Lower Parts mix


In recent years, Lower Parts has become one of my favourite labels that has not only engaged international talents but also boosted a new generation of electronic producers from native Greece. When the label founder Panajiotis aka Asty Tekk asked me for a mix I felt really honoured. Now the result is available on Lower Parts Soundcloud: you are welcome to check my home-made mix and also the label’s past and upcoming releases. The tracklist is included below.     Abe Duque – Endorsements (Abe Duque Records) Planetary Assault Systems – Gruve (Peacefrog) Fred Giannelli – Sorcery (Telepathic) Bernard Badie – Time […]

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REVIEW: Dez Williams – The (Vanta Series VANTA 001 – 2016)


Acidbanger, yes it is. The opener of Dez Williams’s recent twelve that launched Killekill’s new Vanta Series is a 303-based onslaught with ripples of human voice and biting synth squeaks that promise floor domination. The next track “Hornet Tea” is equally caustic with tidal waves caused by drilling groove while “Offonone” is howling at the full moon in the condition of serious cerebral malfunction. With this tight package Williams, who runs own Elektronik Religion label and maintains a studio in Holy Island, a piece of land off of the coast of North Wales, is showing his skills in doing rabid tracks but he is well […]

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DUST OFF: VCF – Neon EP (Magnetic North magnet 005 – 1993)


Since early nineties, Russ Gabriel has been a driving force of the UK techno scene. He’s mostly known as the founder of Ferox Records, a label that is still around after more than two decades and just released Cottam’s new EP. Latest addition to Gabriel’s own immense catalogue was a recent split twelve with Steevio and it’s even difficult to count all his works under various guises. While Ferox mostly represented intelligent and in good sense funky techno, Gabriel’s own tracks spanned to harsher sounds too. A good example is “Neon EP” from 1993 under the VCF moniker on Dave Clarke’s Magnetic North, a label that has […]

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Techno promos: –Story, /beyond/, D.Carbone, Zanias


Picked some releases from the promo folder to highlight those that have caught my attention.           –Story – Object EP (Koepel-I) Release date 26/09/2016 Along with cryptic spelling comes an exciting artist and label debut with deep house inclined tracks that make good use of bouncy drums and distortion the Rezzett way (“001”). A spontaneous fifer joins the dubby undercurrents in “002” and Planet E type majestic chords appear in “003”. /beyond/ – Now I See There’s Light (Urban Legend UL 002) Release date 25/09/2016 After having a track on Urban Legend’s inaugural various artists release “Phobos” […]

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Festival report: Tresor 25 years in Berlin


In the high season of open air festivals with sea and sun, the idea of being trapped inside the concrete walls of a former power station in the city of Berlin may not sound too appealing, but when an acclaimed techno institution celebrates its 25 years of existence, the stakes are high for joining the event. Therefore I headed to the German capital for Tresor Festival, a four-day showcase that attracted a fabulous line-up of artists and DJs, many them affiliated with the Tresor network before and now. The festival promised sleepless nights and restless days for the strong, which required advance planning […]

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DUST OFF: Various – The Techno Sound Of Berlin (NovaMute NMCD 3002 – 1992)


Fragrances, jeans, alcohol, a selection of hit CDs and suddenly, “The Techno Sound Of Berlin (Berlin 1992 – Tresor Kompilation)” – it was my first, unexpected meeting with release. It happened in 1992 at Amerest, an upmarket store in the university city of Tartu that opened in the dawn of market economy in Estonia some years earlier. It used to accept foreign currency only, until June 1992 when free-falling rouble was swapped to the Estonia’s national currency kroon. Still former ‘valuta shops’ remained either places to expose own wealth or, for the people not so well off, to do some window shopping. I did the […]

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Various – Killekill Megahits II (KILLEKILL 025 – 2016)

Killekill025 Artwork

Killekill marks its little jubilee – the 25th entry in the Berlin label’s catalogue – with the second “Megahits” compilation. Killekill has been around since 2008, at first organising weekly club nights at Berghain Kantine and since 2011 running a label that has attracted several international artists. Many of them contribute to rather decent anniversary release that collects party tracks for different tastes and phases on the floor. To start from the most essential: from the inclusion of the Detroit legend Blake Baxter who has been lately absent in the production side, doing only DJ gigs. Now ‘The Prince of Techno’ is virtually brought back […]

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DUST OFF: Mike Henk – Untitled (Pulsar Recordings DOX 002 – 1994)


After a long wait, “Untitled” became the first Pulsar Recordings release in my collection and also my most expensive music purchase on Ebay, for about €40. Mike Henk and his label have been probably on my mind since the first copies left the pressing plant and were listed in Hard Wax newsletters, and thereafter Henk’s interview to the rave mag Frontpage in 1994 sparked further interest. However, except for a few mixes and compilations, his tracks had not been present in my collection so far. Now this is Pulsar’s second release, futureproof acid techno in its barbaric formation on the A-side that opens with frenzied 303 blasts and synth […]

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DUST OFF: Freddie Fresh – Comatone 95 (Electric Music Foundation EF 06-12 – 1995)


Minneapolis-born Freddie (Freddy) Fresh was in full swing throughout the 1990s and later, with a massive run of (acid) techno and electro tracks that were released under various guises on labels ranging from Harthouse to Missile. In recent times we have heard less about Fresh – a smoking collab with fellow Midwesterner Paul Birken lies more than three years back – but his extensive back catalogue offers several great finds. One of them is the mid-nineties release “Comatone 95”, which dropped on the Electric Music Foundation (EMF), an Analog Records offshoot launched by Fresh and Auto Kinetic. By the title, Fresh’s 1992 banger “Comatone” on EXperimental, could be related to the EMF release, but by […]

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