Don’t be misled by jazzy saxophone on the label, the record is inspired by industrial noise and welds anything that can be welded. Now when Adam X resides in Berlin, Vapauteen takes the responsibility to radiate the hardest sound outta Brooklyn. “Weld” is a mean and ugly stuff for strobeRead More →

Rating: 7/10 There are hundreds of quintillions possible combinations for solving the Rubik’s cube. Easily the same amount could be attributed to programming options of 303 or 808. Often challenged by the fear to remain just a copycat of Phuture or Hardfloor, the producers still keep going to replenish theRead More →

“Obscur. Final”, a follow-up to the first “Obscur” edition by Semantica label head Svreca, heads the Terminal 313 best-of list with a strong techno package, including the remixes by Regis, Orphx, Silent Servant and Skirt. Vakula dropped two fine cuts under the Vedomir guise, releasing “Orthodox Ambient” on Dekmantel andRead More →