DUST OFF: 100% Acidiferous – Tank / 303 State (100%)

Acid assault from 1993 and Frankfurt. Not the most wanted of five releases by the 100% Acidiferous label. On the A-side “Tank” goes rushing and takes a deep bow to the fans of gabber as BPMs try to break the ceiling. Sounds better when pitched down, although meant for 45rpm. On the flip “303 State” comes and bites with 303-sound and slapping kickdrum but is not as rebellious as the “Tank” side. Playing with pitch control would add new nuances to both tracks. The sleeve carrying the slogan “Caution Acid” reminds of the invasion of a Dutch DJ gang I […]

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Manager 111 – Penthouse Traxx #1.0 (Psycho Thrill PTNE2114 x-tra ltd.ed. – 2008) – 10/10

Psycho Thrill shows signs of life. A Cologne label that has been in business for a decade and attracted several great players from Detroit, for example Thomas Barnett and Optic Nerve. A new signing is Manager 111, or German Andreas Gehm, who has produced a remarkable record to remember from 2008. It’s not a revolution, because especially the A-side’s “My Psychothrill Babe”, obviously inspired by Daniel Bell aka DBX, is like a clone of “Losing Control” and “Baby Judy” with a harder edge. Bass drum kicks all over the record, more on the A-side, and acid sounds that characterize Gehm’s earlier output (as […]

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DUST OFF: Huren – Istropolitana EP (Qube Records 001 – 1999)

Go to google.de, type “Huren” and search for pictures. What you see might be exciting but not related to the real Huren or Dave Foster, a producer known for uncompromising attitude to the music. His greatest success came with the project Teste and the track “The Wipe” (Probe Records) that landed in many compilations and was reissued by Plus 8 some years ago. In the beginning of 1990’s, with fellow Canadian Himadri, Foster produced sci-fi acid and stripped-down minimalist trips (see Perceptrons). Later he moved closer to sinister techno, becoming associated with ultra-tech label Zhark and doing a highly pressurized […]

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