DUST OFF: VCF – Neon EP (Magnetic North magnet 005 – 1993)


Since early nineties, Russ Gabriel has been a driving force of the UK techno scene. He’s mostly known as the founder of Ferox Records, a label that is still around after more than two decades and just released Cottam’s new EP. Latest addition to Gabriel’s own immense catalogue was a recent split twelve with Steevio and it’s even difficult to count all his works under various guises. While Ferox mostly represented intelligent and in good sense funky techno, Gabriel’s own tracks spanned to harsher sounds too. A good example is “Neon EP” from 1993 under the VCF moniker on Dave Clarke’s Magnetic North, a label that has […]

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Privacy – Human Resource Exploitation Manual (Lobster Theremin LTBLK006 – 2015)


And here we have “Human Resource Exploitation Manual”, which is not a classified folder from the depths of HR department, but actually the fourth EP of the enigmatic electro act Privacy. After “Command Pattern EP” on Klasse Wrecks, Privacy has decided to satisfy the mankind’s need for further electro shocks, when visiting on Lobster Theremin, a talked-about label of the moment. In a fashionable manner, the paper-sleeved black label vinyl comes with A4 insert of random texts about coercive techniques, but the design does not luckily win over the music. The opener “Constant Transient” is a sinister electro piece we know from Ultradyne and it combines growling […]

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DUST OFF: DATA newsletter about records, raves, retailers – Tampere city, 1992


Found among old papers, DATA was a techno/rave newsletter published in Tampere (FI) in 1992. The first page told what’s happening inside the brain of Mr Kirk, a techno DJ and party promoter who listed current top singles and LPs. It also announced “From The Edge Of Nowhere”, a Finnish techno compilation, that was issued under another name in 1993. A number of upcoming raves, including Mayday III, and shops offering ‘smart nutrient products’ were featured too. The second pages continues with shops and lists a number of contacts, including Monojunk [Mono Junk], that time reachable on the phone [90] 754 1209, and Metal […]

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Various – …I Care Because You Don‘t (Turbo Recordings Turbo163 – 2014)


Scottish two-man techno act Clouds has found an inspiring haven in Canada when they have released the debut album and four EPs, including two takes of “Tannhauser Acid Works”, on the Montreal-based Turbo Recordings. Now Calum Macleod and Liam Robertson are ready for another round, this time as curators of “I Care Because You Don’t”, a massive rollout of UK hardcore stabs and electro hop. Current four-track sampler is an appetizer for a full compilation, out at the end of October, and in addition to early UK influences, the sampler recalls the sounds of long defunct Pharma label. Rogue beat […]

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Esoteric – Scarlet Enterprise (Curley Music 08 – 2011)


When the gang of Spiral Tribe ravers swept over the Europe about twenty years ago, Dutch-born youngster Curley Schoop aka Esoteric was one of their associates. His untimely death in 1998 abruptly stopped the career having started already in 1991 when Schoop was a member of a Djax Records signing called D.I.C.E. To commemorate Schoop and familiarize younger generation with his output, French label Expressillon launched Curley Music for reissuing Schoop’s works. On the “Scarlet Enterprise”, released under the Esoteric guise, especially the A-side is a real gem with rudeboy breakbeats and blatant kick drum. Like a blend of early hardcore and The […]

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DUST OFF: Holy Ghost Inc. – Wildlife On One (Holy Ghost Inc HG 010 – 1993)


The year 2011 saw a group called Holy Ghost! publishing an album on DFA, but techno’s history books know another group with that name. When Tresor signed the duo in mid-1990s, Holy Ghost rose to awareness with the albums “The Mind Control of Candy Jones” and “Art Lukm Suite” plus with several EPs recorded for the Berlin label. Two Brits, Gary Griffith and Leon Thomson, had been in the business since acid house swept over the island and brought out several releases on their own Holy Ghost Inc label. Largely unaware of the duo’s pre-Tresor feats, I came across this EP in a crate-digging […]

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OLD TAPE: Spiral Tribe – Sirius 23 (1993)


“Sirius 23” is a release by decadent techno vagabonds, united under the banner of Spiral Tribe in the mid-1990’s. Seeing free techno parties as a constitutional right, the ST community travelled the lands to set up wild illegal parties and in the sidelines manged to release a number of records, most of them on own label Network 23.Never seen any vinyls of the Spiral Tribe and also this “Sirius 23” is from a cassette made by a friend, as some of these hard-to-find records were in circulation in Tallinn. This EP offers four tracks of sheer rave madness, more breakbeat-focused […]

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Shitcluster / Unit Moebius Anonymous – Untitled (Chan’s 1)


Rating: 9/10 Sounds from the far side where mud people eat stones and are hunted by last remaining pterosaurs. On the A-side it’s not even mud, it’s the act oddly called Shitcluster that runs its own thing, sharing a bad dream filled with eerie sounds from the caves. City is dying proclaims dystopian voice, accompanying crawling bass for the last rites before the demise. Shitcluster’s debut on Bunker some years ago was sheer madness and, fortunately, their state of mind has not showed any signs of improvement since that.Unit Moebius has been around with re-releases, called the Golden Years series, […]

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DUST OFF: Gagarin Kongress – Astralleib (Tresor 37 – 1995)


Gagarin Kongress was an one-off project by Edgar Domin and Udo Heitfeld, the latter also known as TV Victor. It was Tresor’s “Sirius” compilation where I found the original of the 1995 track “Astralleib”, a polyrhythmic angular piece positioned between the main floor and leftfield. But the real revelation came when Joey Beltram turned the original upside down with a high-octane remix, providing heavy fuel for all techno engines. The version by The Moon And The Sun kept a delicate stance and for the end breakbeats entered the stage in “Klapperstück”. Buy vinyl from Discogs

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Aamen – Diskoveri (Trash Can Dance TCD072011)


Rating: 7/10 “Diskoveri” (“Disco Blood”) is an album one can not easily ignore. Either you like it or not, but it is an intense melting pot of 20-odd styles. You arrive to a hectic party with Count Dracula, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Hänschen and Gretchen and many other luminaries of the unreal world.Rephlex artist Ovuca came to my mind when listening to Aamen and some tracks could be filed under braindance, but it is quite a mess of influences. Guitar in a lonely American diner (“Pisibehmed aknad”), electric wave pop (“Kal’n’bass”), industrial meeting black metal (“Black Metal and Pink Plastick”), piano […]

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