REVIEW: Sebastian Reuschel – The World Is Shit (ZCKR14 – 2016)


With echoing creak, the door opens to the world of abandonment, spider webs covering a metronome that sets the pace towards the midnight. Diabolical noises are gradually growing to hardly digestible sonic oppression where the crudity has its certain charm. Fifteen minutes of the A-side’s “Exav 2B” are a tour de force of beatless dark ambient with suffocating drone passages, haunting overdrive effects and hollow whispers that make the mood-o-meter scraping the extremes. On the flip, “Dying Alone” is a wall of doom spanning over brain-challenging ten minutes with an abrupt end. Bremen’s ZCKR has become one of my permanent objects […]

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Theologian vs Ancient Methods – La Saignée (Metaphysik MP202 – 2016)


The A-side of “La Saignée” (“Bloodletting”) is exactly what we can expect from Metaphysik, one of Berlin’s danse macabre outlets, which is keen to explore the sounds of mental and physical decay. The opener “Death Elemental” is written by Lee M. Bartow aka Theologian who launched back in 1997 an American noise project under the banner of Navicon Torture Technologies and during the last decade created an extensive catalogue for his own label Annihilvs. For Metaphysik, Theologian emits over 13 minutes of black ooze, which is initially carried by eerie drone and then crosses over to morbid modern classical in co-operation with Gretchen Heinel’s cello and Daniel Suffering’s synth. The […]

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Giorgio Gigli – The Right Place Where Not To Be (Electric Deluxe EDLX 045 – 2015)


After two years of relative silence in the solo front, Giorgio Gigli has completed the debut album that can be seen as an attempt to challenge the stereotypes. In stark contrast with Gigli’s former droning and noisy floor tracks, the triple vinyl “The Right Place Where Not To Be” is focused on sounds closer to the ambient electronica. Something already heard in the 2010 track “Psychological Scene of the Imagination (Psychoacoustic Edit)”, his collab with Obtane on their own, by now discontinued Zooloft Records. The release sounds quite exceptional also in Electric Deluxe’s catalogue, diverging from its ordinary banging material, especially when Gigli’s previous […]

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A Thousand Details & Sturqen – Kantes (Reaktivate RKTV002 – 2015)

Reaktivate is a label from the harbour city Porto, Portugal, the majority of its output coming in digital format, for DJs fuelling the techno floor. Of recent outings, it is worth to mention Jönsson Tõll’s wonderfully titled “Mulla Ei Oo Aavistustakaan Mitä Tää Kaikki Paska Suomeksi Tarkoittaa”, a tribute to Finland containing both deeper and storming side of techno. The label has not ignored the vinyl format either, the debut dropping in 2013 with peak-time material by Astronomical Telegram. Pretty different from the previous is RKTV002, featuring local expertise of A Thousand Details, a project of the label co-founder Gustavo Lima, and dusky electronics duo […]

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Mogano – Sycomore EP (Arboretum ARB002 – 2015)

Drøp’s “Vasundhara EP”, the debut release of the Berlin-based Arboretum Records, laid the necessary groundwork for the label’s next outing, appealing four-tracker “Sycomore EP” by Mogano, which was released in April 2015. Mogano is the moniker of the electronic musician and Arboretum co-founder Marco Berardi, whose artist name means ”mahogany” and refers both to ‘the percussive and string infused nature of his music’, as the label says. After Drøp’s rather darkish ambient abstractions, Mogano seeks a more relaxing environment if to judge by the A-side. Meditative opening “Retama” is purified electronic folk in a time-lapse mode, where elegiac strings and horns lend an exotic and even New […]

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Israel Vines – WWKD EP (Eye Teeth TEETH-1 – 2015)

A new release by Israel Vines had been in my wishlist since hearing his superb remixes for Stave and Erika, when Vines’s skill to control the groove made appetite for more. Although I was a bit too early with the assumption that in 2014 we should have watched out for him, Vines has not disappeared anywhere and now has the honour to inaugurate Eye Teeth, a sub-label marking the artistic adulthood of Ann Arbor’s Interdimensional Transmissions. In the title track WWKD”, the Midwest veteran and current Los Angeles based artist, releases the steam to make room to roiling bass line, percussive variations, inclusive some cracked […]

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D. Carbone – Anomalies EP (Mord 011 – 2014)


Another session of intrepid acid techno by the Berlin-based Italian D. Carbone, this time paying a visit to Bas Mooy’s Mord imprint. Relying on the formulas developed in his Repitch labs of industrial techno, unstoppable Carbone serves with “Anomalies EP” another set of machine-driven rudities. Acid showers and boisterous kick drum show the way in “Irritating Collapse”, getting seriously off the leash after the mid-track drop. The the post-collapse phase is led by linear darkside mover “Origin”, the most conventional track of the EP. Dramatic events continue on the B-side, opening with a devastating tidal wave called “Discernment” good for […]

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Surgeon – Fixed Action Pattern (Token Records TOKEN46 – 2014)


As the title suggests it is about a pattern. Similar to Surgeon’s recent “As You Breathe Here Now” on Semantica, the new twelve is built on a simple but appealing groove, which keeps repeating in the mind as if a chart buster heard on the radio. The original dirty bass techno from the man equals the definition of immersive and to-the-point beat science.After pleasing the floor, the B-side’s dub version shows abstract notes of dark room electronics akin to British Murder Boys material, with drone layers and mutant unicorn whispers.Surgeon wisely keeping a relaxed release schedule, the Token single is his another […]

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Drøp – Vasundhara EP (Arboretum ARB001 – 2014)


When tracing the foundations of artist name Drøp, it can be guessed as a Nordic thing because of the symbol ø, a vowel in Norwegian/Danish. But more probably it stands for the mathematical empty set, a state of being which describes well Drøp’s debut EP “Vasundhara”. The project is a brainchild of Italian Giuseppe Bifulco, born in Naples and now residing in Berlin, and dedicated to the gloomy ends of sound composition. According to the artist the sound is generated by manipulating electric circuits, lights or everything else is able to turn electric impulses. This approach is reaffirmed in the opener “Epileptic Heritage”, setting the tone for […]

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Asolaar – Obliterate LP (Metaphysik MP101 – 2013)


Asolaar dwells in the electronic music’s gloomiest corners and “Obliterate” sounds like terminal illness. Starting with corrupted hum, “Anxiety Disintegrated” impairs the orientation in time and space when scourged by aggressive pulses, followed by outlandish murmurs in “Piloto Muerto_a”. Anarchist noise continues in “Piedra de Renos” and “Telsen” while the title track’s groaning souls from the underworld are crushed by distortion and mean bass, reminding of Pan Sonic’s hydraulics. Noise and doom grade remains high in the last tracks “La Gloria de Tlitlizen” and “Piloto Muerto_b”. Behind Asolaar is Darío Pinto from Argentina, his musical roots in the 1990s industrial […]

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