REVIEW: Convextion – 2845 (A.R.T.LESS VEXT LP 1 – 2016)


About every ten years, Convextion is shaking up the world. It began in 1995 when Sean Deason’s Matrix Records from Detroit launched with the debut twelve from the electronic artist from Dallas. The follow-up on the same label and EPs on Tektite and Down Low Music brought the Texan Gerard Hanson to the awareness of the public who appreciated deeper, dub-infected techno. Convextion’s brilliant debut album in 2006 created immense but well-earned hype but also left a strange aftertaste because of Down Low Music’s decision to do numerous represses of what initially was meant to be a limited edition. Probably it […]

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DUST OFF: Underground Resistance – Sweat Electric (Somewhere In Detroit ‎S.I.D.-001)


  Twenty years ago to the day, I was standing at 2030 Grand River, Detroit, in front of a metal door. A friend I was visiting in Troy had given me a ride to the city, to catch sight of the downtown before heading to techno’s sanctuary Submerge. Before that I made a stopover at Save The Vinyl record store, picking up Dan Lodig’s “Che Si”, Dance Mania’s “Basement Traxx Vol. 2” and X-103’s “Thera”. Had some talk with the guys in the store, asked for directions to Submerge and found the way quite easily afterwards. I’m not sure if I managed to make […]

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Interview: Andy Crosby aka Spesimen


For a brief time in the 1990s, Ann Arbor electronic artist Andy Crosby aka Spesimen entered the electro scene with two releases on his own Infocalypse Records. His solo efforts included EPs on Amici Curiae and Pomelo, but before really taking off, Spesimen disappeared from the radars. Up to the comeback this spring, when Berlin label Libertine issued a split EP with Rusuden and Spesimen. Whether it was an one-off effort or does Crosby have something more in the pipeline, Terminal 313 tried to find out in a written interview with the artist living in San Francisco, going back to […]

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DUST OFF: Fred Giannelli – 1st Premonition (Superstition 2068 – 1996)


By 12th August of 1996, when Superstition Records issued “1st Premonition”, Fred Giannelli didn’t need any introduction anymore. After touring with the proto-industrial group Psychic TV in the 1980s, Giannelli moved on to electronic dance sector and adapted a number of monikers, such as The Kooky (or Cranky) Scientist, Mazdaratti and released with Richie Hawtin as Spawn, becoming a core artist of the pioneering Plus 8 imprint. Giannelli’s own Telepathic Recordings launched in Boston in 1992 and folded in 2001 with The Kinky Scientist single “Mid-Life Crisis” (perhaps it was a true story?). One of Giannelli’s albums, “Telepathic Romance”, appeared on the Finnish minimalism […]

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New vinyl: Amir Alexander, Frank Butters, CL/AD, The Groupies


It’s not new, the feeling that the summer is a suitable season for getting more ‘housey’. This assumption is reflected in my recent vinyl purchases, when after delightful moments with Luis CL’s Big Doint EP, further new additions are closely related to (acid) house. After I missed out on Amir Alexander‘s EP on Plan B, “The Morpheus Project” on his own Vanguard Sound! imprint is a good compensation. All four tracks move in deep house realms with politically laden narration. My favourite tracks are on the A-side: “King Kong Godzilla Gorillas!” with ‘Obama!’ exclamations over acid bits expresses the feeling of UR’s “Transition” and […]

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Festival report: Tresor 25 years in Berlin


In the high season of open air festivals with sea and sun, the idea of being trapped inside the concrete walls of a former power station in the city of Berlin may not sound too appealing, but when an acclaimed techno institution celebrates its 25 years of existence, the stakes are high for joining the event. Therefore I headed to the German capital for Tresor Festival, a four-day showcase that attracted a fabulous line-up of artists and DJs, many them affiliated with the Tresor network before and now. The festival promised sleepless nights and restless days for the strong, which required advance planning […]

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Peacefrog turns 25, plans re-pressing early vinyl


The 25th anniversary of Peacefrog will not be a quiet one, when the seminal UK label admitted it plans to ‘re-press some early catalogue and favourites’. In 2011, the 20-year celebrations were marked with a couple limited edition and coloured vinyl represses of some sought-after tunes, such as both the original and remix versions of DBX’s “Losing Control”. Peacefrog has not yet disclosed any precise plans, what releases it has in mind, but suggestions from the social media have started streaming in. @terminal313 We’re in the process of re-pressing some early catalogue and favourites. Watch our socials for announcements — Peacefrog (@PeacefrogMusic) […]

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Mattia Trani – The Hi-Tech Mission (PushMaster Discs PM015 – 2016)

PM015 Artwork 1 Front

Mattia Trani could be someone who decorated his teenage room with Transmat and Underground Resistance memorabilia and even if it was not true, his recent affiliation with Detroit-bred artists is remarkable. Several Motor City legends, such as Juan Atkins, DJ Stingray, Claude Young, Orlando Voorn, have provided remix assistance to the talented Italian, in the EPs like “313 Times”, “Over The Future”, etc. and in 2014, Trani was the first Italian DJ to make a podcast for UR. In the debut album, Trani is clearly under the strong influence of innovators, expressing his admiration with strong Detroit symbols both in […]

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DUST OFF: Mike Henk – Untitled (Pulsar Recordings DOX 002 – 1994)


After a long wait, “Untitled” became the first Pulsar Recordings release in my collection and also my most expensive music purchase on Ebay, for about €40. Mike Henk and his label have been probably on my mind since the first copies left the pressing plant and were listed in Hard Wax newsletters, and thereafter Henk’s interview to the rave mag Frontpage in 1994 sparked further interest. However, except for a few mixes and compilations, his tracks had not been present in my collection so far. Now this is Pulsar’s second release, futureproof acid techno in its barbaric formation on the A-side that opens with frenzied 303 blasts and synth […]

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FBK – Screaming Her Name (Barba Records ‎BAR006 – 2016)


In a short time, Croatian label Barba has attracted several notable artists, such as DJ Stingray 313, Marco Bernardi, Gosub, Heinrich Dressel, etc. The label’s sixth release, a heavy piece of wax in a beautiful yet surreal-looking sleeve, comes from Kevin Kennedy aka FBK. A name we haven’t noticed much recently, Kennedy is a producer from Columbus, Ohio who actually debuted already in 1997 with “Knobs & Switches” on Shake’s legendary label Friction. About 20 years later, FBK prefers smoothly rolling club tracks across three original compositions on the A-side. The title cut is fast-lane Detroit techno with a buzzing synth line, hi-hats and raindrop effects while dub-cushioned “Just To […]

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