Moha! to release “Kriiskav Valgus”

German label Le Petit Mignon is due to release a 7-inch by Moha, carrying an Estonian-language title “Kriiskav Valgus” (“Screeching Light”). According to Discogs the band MoHa! consists of two Scandinavians, Anders Hana and Morten J. Olsen. They have performed at Odessa Pop party in Tallinn and might have been inspired by local language when doing their next record. Le Petit Mignon.

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DUST OFF: Karl Marx Stadt – 1997 – 2001 (Lux Nigra 16 – 2001)

The website of now defunct Lux Nigra featured jolly commercial spots from Japan and the label in general seemed to be addicted to the country of the Rising Sun. For Karl-Marx-Stadt as such the sun has gone down because the city in the Eastern part of Germany is called Chemnitz nowadays. It was in 2001 when Christian Gierden put together a tolerance test in the form of a versatile mini-LP. On the A-side “Test Object” kicks off as random dreamy electronica but then wild breakbeats take the control. “011000” is a soft interlude before “Vgamz” intrudes, with a mix of […]

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Various – Kila Kola: Various Shades of Estonian Electronica (Umblu) – 7/10

Estonia, land of music. Modern composer Arvo Pärt was born here, in a small town called Paide, and every five years a monumental Song Festival gathers 30,000 performers and 150,000 paying spectators for a celebration of music – in a country with less than 1.4 million people. First house and techno producers, spiritual disciples of Soviet-age deep electronica composer Sven Grünberg, emerged 20 years ago and since that the vibrant scene has created several impressive tracks, not to speak about great parties across the years. The newest compilation by Umblu Records showcases the talents of today. The sheep on the […]

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