REVIEW: Eomac – Bedouin Trax (Bedouin Records BDNX 001 – 2016)


Ethnic music has served as a source of inspiration for many artists and when speaking about Arabic flavour in electronica, the most merited producer might have been late Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze. Radical both in his pro-Arabic views and sound writing, Jones contributed to the evolution of a particular subgenre without targeting too clearly the dance nation. Merging Oriental influences with synthetic beats is not a formula of success itself, because it requires creativeness and insight that is now available from Ian McDonnell aka Eomac, also known as one half of the Irish duo Lakker. The author of several notable tracks in recent years (my favourite is a remix […]

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Feature: Dusty vinyl from Rabat

Cheikha Remitti, the Mother of Rai, in this early release of Disques Dounia.

Anyone fond of vinyl records or other collectibles knows the excitement of heading to distant territories and making unexpected finds in dusty boxes. Before leaving on a 12-day family trip in March, our destination Morocco did not look like a promised land in this respect, and for most of the time, this assumption was true. During my previous visits to the country I had gathered a sizeable collection of cassettes, with the focus on local folk, less on Oriental pop and raï and had managed to pick up also a tape version of the legendary Nass El Ghiwane’s self-titled album. During this visit, […]

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Donato Dozzy – The Loud Silence (Further Recordings FUR 058LP/CD – 2015)


Yambo, the main character in Umberto Eco’s novel “The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana”, returns to the childhood home for a memory recovery. For getting cured, he is browsing childhood memorabilia – books, magazines, vinyl records, thus delving into the popular culture from the beginning of the 1930s. Leaving aside the memory loss, there are some parallels between the novel and “The Loud Silence”, a new experimental album by the Eco’s fellow countryman Donato Dozzy. After the sessions at his parents’ house in the Italian countryside, Dozzy unleashes the potential of an ultimately hypnotic device, a predecessor of all 303s and 707s – the mouth […]

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Kahn, Commodo & Gantz – Volume 1 (Deep Medi Musik MEDILP011 – 2015)

Dubstep and bass music has not caught much of my attention. Perhaps I missed the first wave of innovative productions and didn’t find excitement in later releases, when the genre moved closer to dance music’s mainstream. However, my ignorance has neither been deliberate nor total because since Goth-Trad EP, I’m having a crush on one label, Deep Medi Musik. Being one of the genre’s best outlets, it’s renowned for many artistic endeavours of unreal dub-tinged bass. Kahn has been ruling with recent delirious material like “Abattoir” and “Dread / Late Night Blues (Gorgon Sound Versions)” and has now joined fellow producers Commodo and Gantz for […]

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Inner8 – Inner8 (Undogmatisch UNDLP01 – 2015)

An ambitious new beginning for Dadub’s Daniele Antezza, properly launching the Inner8 alias with a twelve-track opus on the new label Undogmatisch. A Berliner since 2009, Antezza belongs to the city’s ever-growing community of Italian electronic artists and Dadub, his project with Giovanni Conti, has been one of the main pillars of Stroboscopic Artefacts. In my view, the said duo has been standing for deeper, dubbed out sounds with a portion of clicks and cuts and it is not surprising that Antezza’s solo effort keeps distance to the four-to-the-floor action. In the same breath with Inner8, you may mention Edanticonf, Mogano, […]

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Afrobeat’s Tony Allen coming to Tallinn


Tony Allen, a long-time companion of afrobeat icon Fẹla Aníkúlápó Kuti and drummer in his bands, does a gig at Rock Café in Tallinn, on 9 December. Along with Kuti, Allen has been a great influencer of African modern rhythm music. In the same, the gentleman who turned 70 this year, has spread the afro message in the European music scene and beyond.It’s a pity I have only fragmented knowledge of Allen’s productions, essentially limited to one CD I would like to share with you before the concert.Issued in 2008, the compilation “Lagos Shake: A Tony Allen Chop Up” (Honest […]

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Mark Ernestus Vs. Konono N° 1 – Masikulu Dub (CNG 2) – 10/10


The first release of the label Congotronics was day and sun, this is night and moon. Much darker atmosphere here as Hard Wax head honcho Mark Ernestus has filtered original Congolese composition by Konono N° 1 into pulsating drum tracks.Psychedelic voices decorate the dub version on the A-side while the flip (“Masikulu Rhythm”) is reduced into dry and percussive loops. Dubbed out growling on knocking percussion paints a picture where sharp-eyed hunters of the tropical rain forests are at large to get your attention. This is a kindred spirit with “Wireless” by T++ and the work of Harmonious Thelonious. Warrior […]

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Various – Mukuba Special / Rubaczech (CNG 1) – 9/10


“Rubaczech” may sound like surname of a Czech ice hockey player but the foundations of this release lie elsewhere, in the lands the humanity derives from. “Rubaczech” is a creation of Konono N° 1, a congolese collective that mixed native and electric instruments with sounds of old car parts.Konono N° 1 was widely unknown till Congotronics album in 2004 and a LP-box of the same name this year, that featured several acts from the country walking along the thin line between tribalistic folk music and electronica.Now the track has undergone a treatment by Nonplace Urban Field man Burnt Friedman who […]

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Frente Cumbiero – Pitchito / Ananas Tornillo (NYCT-7005) – 9/10


Cumbia is hugely popular folk music in Colombia, an ever-present soundtrack for village parties and beyond. In the same, latin music is an immensely abused genre with different lousy and cheesy interpretations pounding in all those dance bars and BBQ joints across the globe.But this one plays in a league of its own. A cooperation of Bogotá soundwriter Mario Galeano and NYC label Names You Can Trust has peaked in a seven-inch filled with contemporary and stylish dance music that will speak also to those who necessarily do not stand “latin thing”. Drums are working, horns tooting and antique electric […]

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Harmonious Thelonious – On Stages EP (Diskant 02) – 8/10


You will be well boiled and cooked when listening to that. A cannibal feast is introduced with “Angewandte Muziek” where dry and fierce percussion accompany the track. Crowd shouts and synth drum wildfires leave no doubt that you have been stranded on a remote island somewhere in the Southern hemisphere. Planet of Drums and Raoul K would send greetings. “On Stages” is based on a spiralling bassline and jack elements. With shouts and whistles it creates an impression of live performace – that explains the title as well. On the flip, “Makeshift” runs on a wooden xylophone groove and softer […]

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