Hot Guts – Wilds (Avant! Records AV!032 – 2014)

It was the debut EP of Phase Fatale that made me aware of the Italian outlet Avant! Records and now its time to turn the eyes to another production of the US origin. After picking the opening track “All Suns” for my recent “Promos & Classics” mix, a listen to the entire album of the Philadelphia based post-industrial group Hot Guts looked as a good idea. Except for synth interlude “Gold Silent”, the album is about real electronic songs, performed by Wes Russell with backing vocals of Shari Wallin who does also synth and drum machines. They clearly cherish the past and feel inspired by earlier […]

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TIC – Sompa (Trash Can Dance TCD542014 – 2014)


Oil shale is the Estonian gold, excavated in the underground mines in the Eastern part of the country – exactly how it is depicted on the CD cover. A band rooted in death metal, grindcore and punk, the three-member TIC was part of the region’s musical underground in the beginning of the 1990s. Those influences dominated in the group’s debut tape recovered now from the archives by Trash Can Dance label.The album “Sompa”, dedicated to a desolate mining village of the same name, is filled with post-punk aggressions, like the title track “Sompa” and “Mädapea” (“Rotten Head”). Occasional wave and […]

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Various – Replay (10 Label TEN002EP – 2013)


10 Label’s “Mu EP” was a memorable release because of intriguing lineup and a seagull portrait on the black-and-white cover. After a two-year hibernation the Japanese imprint has now summoned a group of international artists to the second mini compilation titled “Replay”, once again sporting a tasteful sleeve design.The EP’s straightest and most throbbing cut is “Overbite”, an anesthesia-free treatment by the screeching machines guided by London trooper Perc and expectedly close to Perc Trax’s industrial can(n)ons. Of different kind is “Subject Of The Stenographic Figure”, a calm and crackling Gothic indietronica by the Blackest Ever Black artist Dalhous.A surprising appearance by the big […]

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Ancient Methods – Secret Thirteen Mix 058 ( – 2013)


Ancient Methods is now a one-man operation of the Berlin producer Trias who designed a mix for the Secret Thirteen webzine. The selection largely deviates from Ancient Methods’s annihilating techno war funk and presents the introspective side of the artist’s mind archives, for example featuring contemporary classical guru Arvo Pärt or esoteric industrial by Deutsch Nepal. The harder side is introduced with harsh beats by the Cold Meat Industry artist Institut, followed by DAF, Dead Can Dance and a number of obscurities for an ear-opening journey through the last decades of experimental and electronic music. Good reason to pay a […]

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White Blush – White Blush EP (self-released – 2012)


Clearly filed under synth-pop, White Blush release smells like Commodore and 808. Originally from Chicago and now hailing from Los Angeles, Carol Rhyu, is obviously fond of vintage gear and neon sounds when she, the mind and soul behind the White Blush, presents a definition of urban daydreaming on the self-titled debut EP.The six-tracker could not have any better start than “True Luv”. Kicking off with a Plastic Noise Experience bassline, the tune essentially rides on sultry synth waves topped with Carol’s misty vocals. The same scheme prevails, along with agile arpeggios, in “Mirror” while pop meets Gothic melancholy in “Jolene”, […]

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Altar Eagle – Nightrunners (Digitalis DIGIV047 – 2012)


Altar Eagle. At first instance there was something uncanny in the name, good for a grim species overlooking humble crowd in a sanctuary, feeling very Gothic.The truth is the opposite when the duo consisting of Brad Rose and his wife Eden Hemming Rose have completed a beautiful pop album in the sidelines of running ever-surprising Digitalis label.The first impression of “Nightrunners” is that it’s made of the same fabric as Paco Sala’s recent debut LP on Digitalis: The same harmonic synth and smudged guitar setup combined with sultry female voice sounded very familiar. However Altar Eagle is operating on the next […]

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Decimus – #11 (Digitalis Recordings DIGIV041 – 2012)


Now there is an opportunity to perceive the processes inside the brain of Decimus [Junius Brutus Albinus], the assassin of Julius Caesar, with about forty-five minutes of chaotic and depressed sound experiments. A-side is introduced by double bass and classical notes before subtle H-bomb percussion and frightening moaning enters the stage. Despite of presence of some harmonic riffs it’s mostly about a subdued drone storm. B-side opens with waves of distortion, accompanied by melodic strings and processed voices before proceeding to far-out sound protuberances. “#11” is like from the minds of a burned-out philharmonic orchestra seeking wilder side of life […]

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