Artefakt / Evigt Mörker – Konstrukt 003 (KON003 – 2016)

KON003 Artwork

Dutch imprint Konstrukt had a flying start in 2015 when SHLTR debuted with revitalising tracks from techno’s brighter side. This year, the label continued with a split EP by Cassegrain and Sendai, and the next release comes from another combo consisting of Artefakt (Robin Koek and Nick Lapien) from the Netherlands and Evigt Mörker from Sweden. Compared to the label’s debut, it’s a pretty different ride. Four dark-toned tracks are destined for club escapades, without any ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. “Ritualist” opens the Artefakt’s side, an air-cushioned, rhythmic track that would fit to the Northern Electronics catalogue. “Sacrum” is a reverb-struck big room provider, inspiring the engineers before heading to the Hyperloop testing […]

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Various – SEMANTICA 10.I / 10.II (2016)


Hard to believe that Semantica Records has been in business for a decade and even the previous milestone with the “Five Years Compilation” series feels like a recent event. Over the time, the label boss Svreca has managed to keep the touch despite of extensive catalogue and has attracted a stellar roster, virtually a Who’s Who of today’s techno. The label from Madrid has also played a major role for a minor thing called Terminal 313, because Svreca was among the very first label owners and artists who trusted my fledgling blog and shared information about the coming releases. Regular Terminal 313 […]

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