Festival report: Tresor 25 years in Berlin


In the high season of open air festivals with sea and sun, the idea of being trapped inside the concrete walls of a former power station in the city of Berlin may not sound too appealing, but when an acclaimed techno institution celebrates its 25 years of existence, the stakes are high for joining the event. Therefore I headed to the German capital for Tresor Festival, a four-day showcase that attracted a fabulous line-up of artists and DJs, many them affiliated with the Tresor network before and now. The festival promised sleepless nights and restless days for the strong, which required advance planning […]

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Sven Marquardt – Die Nacht ist Leben (Ullstein extra – 2014)


The gatekeeper orders to have patience of over two hundred pages. So long takes it, from the flashback how Frau Erblich, a classy photo model in her seventies, sadly lost her memory and afterwards never appeared in the photo shoots of Sven Marquardt, to the last chapter titled “How To Get Into Berghain”. Yes, thousands have asked the same question from the friends and taxi drivers, browsed the internet forums and eavesdropped the scene insiders for “How To …?”. When no one else than Berlin’s photo artist Sven Marquardt, known as unpredictable and strict Head Bouncer of Berghain, gives an account of his life so far, the expectations of […]

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PARTY REPORT: TehnoTasand with Mono Junk [DJ], Rajaleidja [Live] in Tallinn (August 1, 2014)


Mono Junk at the decks (Photo: TehnoTasand) A small anniversary for TehnoTasand series of techno parties in Tallinn, when the tenth edition was held in Kultuurikatla Aed, a semi open-air venue close to the Old Town. Nice weather and pleasant ambience, with some people playing table tennis in the yard, attracted a sizable crowd that indicated increasing interest in techno in the Estonian capital.Harder beats were found in so-called Kanal B room where MÜRK resident Artur Lääts got the things moving with a solid set, including a secret weapon, Gareth Wild’s “Get Raw” mixed with ever-present “Losing Control” and the […]

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Kultuuritolm 2013 festival in Tallinn: Stanislav Tolkachev, Ajukaja, Pelle Miljoona, Cleaning Women


Kultuuritolm (Culture Dust), a multi-stage festival will be held on 12 and 13 July in Tallinn with a cross-section of different music styles. Techno faction’s highlight comes in the second day when Ukraine’s Stanislav Tolkachev enters the Mürk stage with live PA. Local DJ support is given by Glitchfxxx, Denis Punch, Artur Sanglepp, Hobune and Deka.The line-up of the event held in a former fortress-prison called Patarei includes also legendary punk rocker Pelle Miljoona and experimental group Cleaning Women from Finland, Iceland’s folk musician Myrra Rós plus many Estonian artists like Ajukaja, Mart Avi & Steve Vanoni, Vaiko Eplik ja Eliit, […]

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Report: Svreca, Samuli Kemppi and Juho Kusti in Nokia Factory


One might say: Techno, oh yes, we know all about that but in fact it’s constantly re-inventing itself. Another proof was given when Svreca, the head of Madrid label Semantica, dropped DJ set at the Deep Space Helsinki (DSH) party along with DSH residents Samuli Kemppi and Juho Kusti.DSH is a label, radio show and event organizer run by purveyors of the techno culture in Finland who summoned the scene to the Nokia Factory at Kallio District in the Finnish capital.High-end sound system and cozy venue with two bars and Heineken costing €5.50 led DSH heads to a vibrating night.When […]

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Deka (terminal313.net) in the mix: Abstraktsioonide öö Vol. 7


The 7th edition of Abstraktsioonide öö (Night of Abstractions) was held last weekend in Tallinn with an impressive line-up of local and visiting artists. Mihkel Tomberg presented his debut CDr “I” with a solid live set and the dark room also witnessed sound explorations by Iceland’s Ruxpin and by local acts Rajaleidja & Mava (Joel Tammik & Madis Vahtramäe), Derrida+1 and Tencu. The bar stage included DJ sets by Russia’s Jana Dark & Nore-B, spanning from EBM to M’s “Razzia”. On the decks were Marcel Düšess & Wim Grover, Aivar Tõnso, and Tehnoloog, celebrating his return to the DJing with […]

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DUST OFF: Aamukirkko / Morning Church on 15 Nov 1992, Helsinki


A piece of paper that awakes fond memories about a special night. In November 1992, following The Temple rave in Helsinki’s Paasitorni, numerous techno heads gathered in Lepakko (The Bat), a legendary home of youth culture and mad parties, to dance to exhaustion. DJs Ata, Heiko M/S/O and Pascal F.E.O.S. from Frankfurt am Main plus local heroes Jokke, Mr Kirk, H2 and Ender delivered it to the crowd that had just witnessed a massive celebration of rave spirit at The Temple, an event that warrants a special story (some pictures are here). For giving audio context to the flyer from […]

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Flashback: Auxmen in Tallinn (2003) and coming again…


Picture source: www.aux88.com Detroit electro is coming to Tallinn: On 8 April Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo Live in the club Korter, supported by local act Fuck Yuo I Am A Robot as well by DJs MRDS and Punch.It is the second time they are in Tallinn; a party in October 2003 attracted masses to enjoy Auxmen’s vibrant live performance. Some notes from this event in Von Krahl:Auxmen was the highlight of the night [in the lineup were also Rajaleidja (Joel Tammik), Scion and DJ Rob Rowland]. Without hesitation, two guys from Detroit, Keith Tucker and Blak Tony, got to […]

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Preview: Shackleton at the Club 2011 launch in Tallinn (1.1.11)

In 2011 Tallinn is European Capital of Culture and a lot will happen on the club and music landscape. On 1 January 2011, for those who have recovered from the New Year’s Eve, a new event series called Club 2011 is kicked off. Headline performer is Skull Disco founder and dubstep hero Shackleton, definitely a genre-expanding producer and sound wizard whois a much anticipated guest at any event.Also from local perspective the line-up is impressive: live performance by a trio composed of Rainer Jancis, Rasmus Merivoo and Joel Tammik. On stage also eccentric Andres Lõo, techno-acid-electro-mix-up team Sex Drive Live, […]

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Dave Clarke @Korter, Tallinn


Yesterday Tallinn’s club nation had something to choose from: King Britt at the Club Privé, Leo Young at Mutant Disco in Sõprus Cinema and in the Korter Dave Clarke, the fixture for all “tech heads and electro whores” (quote: krtr.ee). Rotermanni area in the Tallinn city is becoming an artery of social life and there is also Korter running a mixed selection of club nights.Around 23:00 the music was already flowing with local Anders Melts AKA DJ 4-Got-10 at the controls. Being the front man of Estonian industrial band Forgotten Sunrise, his fondness of EBM and machine sounds was clearly […]

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