White Blush – White Blush EP (self-released – 2012)


Clearly filed under synth-pop, White Blush release smells like Commodore and 808. Originally from Chicago and now hailing from Los Angeles, Carol Rhyu, is obviously fond of vintage gear and neon sounds when she, the mind and soul behind the White Blush, presents a definition of urban daydreaming on the self-titled debut EP.The six-tracker could not have any better start than “True Luv”. Kicking off with a Plastic Noise Experience bassline, the tune essentially rides on sultry synth waves topped with Carol’s misty vocals. The same scheme prevails, along with agile arpeggios, in “Mirror” while pop meets Gothic melancholy in “Jolene”, […]

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Altar Eagle – Nightrunners (Digitalis DIGIV047 – 2012)


Altar Eagle. At first instance there was something uncanny in the name, good for a grim species overlooking humble crowd in a sanctuary, feeling very Gothic.The truth is the opposite when the duo consisting of Brad Rose and his wife Eden Hemming Rose have completed a beautiful pop album in the sidelines of running ever-surprising Digitalis label.The first impression of “Nightrunners” is that it’s made of the same fabric as Paco Sala’s recent debut LP on Digitalis: The same harmonic synth and smudged guitar setup combined with sultry female voice sounded very familiar. However Altar Eagle is operating on the next […]

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Various – Estcon 2012 (Trash Can Dance TCD212012 – 2012)


Once a year Estonian sci-fi and horror fans meet at Estcon to spend a few days in the nature with beer and fantasy. The focus is on literature and storytelling, but these good folks with expanded cultural horizon like the music too. This year all participants were eligible for “Estcon 2012”, a two-CDR compilation, 150 copies issued on Trash Can Dance label.With 34 tracks and more than two hours of playtime it’s a sizable package and offers many interesting finds. In fact, it was a great listening experience and gives faith in the present and future of Estonian alternative music.The […]

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Various – Groove 133 / CD 42


Rating: 7/10 Some good ones on this Groove compilation. Let’s start with a Mexican who loves machines and combines them with traditional instruments: like a godchild of Liaisons Dangereuses, Rebolledo rocks big time in “Steady Gear Rebo Machine” with monotone percussion – a pretty angry track that makes curious about the man’s recent album Then Semantica – there is a short feature about the Spanish label in the magazine – is represented by E.R.P. with placid and deep electro track “Repose”, which gets the beauty award of this comp.“Human Like Us” from the new album of Planetary Assault Systems is […]

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MD0 – Sepone Wisdom (SD Records 19)


Rating: 8/10 First it made me think of UND, the duo that produced theatrical tech-house with tongue-in-cheek attitude. MD0 turns an eye to Asia having captured voices from the life on young Japanese ladies who are fond of designer clothes and chic jewellery. Sound wise it is quite eclectic mix of techno, house and electro.The A-side reveals its qualities in time as the second half grows into hectic acid house. Ladyships have fun and keep the party going while the sounds are pretty schizo. The B-side is, despite of girlie giggling, is heavier and delivers compressed electro funk that we […]

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Aamen – Diskoveri (Trash Can Dance TCD072011)


Rating: 7/10 “Diskoveri” (“Disco Blood”) is an album one can not easily ignore. Either you like it or not, but it is an intense melting pot of 20-odd styles. You arrive to a hectic party with Count Dracula, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Hänschen and Gretchen and many other luminaries of the unreal world.Rephlex artist Ovuca came to my mind when listening to Aamen and some tracks could be filed under braindance, but it is quite a mess of influences. Guitar in a lonely American diner (“Pisibehmed aknad”), electric wave pop (“Kal’n’bass”), industrial meeting black metal (“Black Metal and Pink Plastick”), piano […]

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Thank You Michael 1


Rating: 5/10 This one lines up with dozens of other bootlegs and unofficial releases exploiting the life and creation of the King of Pop. Difficult to believe it is a honest tribute release, although the title track “Thank You Michael” tries to bow down before M.J. using the gospel style, and tiresome beats. “Thrilloop Tool”  is the best take here with a monotonous disco groove while “Dense And Home Alone” travels in paths of tribal soul. The voice of the King of Pop appears in “Start Something” that is an obvious rip-off of “Wanna Be Startin’ Something”.

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Various – Groove Magazine Sampler (Groove 128 CD 37)


Rating: 6/10 No doubt the artwork is a failure. Don’t think the robust a** on the sleeve belongs to the mag’s cover boy Nicolas Jaar who in the song “Keep Me There” hums along on electronics. One track is not enough to assess if it’s a ingenious work or not. Also in melancholic mood is Rajko Müller AKA Isolée (“Palermo Triste”) and Caribou‘s electronic pop song, remixed by DJ Koze, is neat but very unsurprising.The first three signify a lethargic start, but Agoria puts the things rolling with synthy “Panta Rei”, which still lies light years behind Unit Moebius’ classic […]

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DUST OFF: Peter Schilling – Major Tom (WEA 24.9927-0)


When 1980’s arrived, Neue Deutsche Welle – teutonic counterpart of the British new wave – swept across Germany. Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF) was the group that personified this movement. But then NDW became gradually popular music to go to the charts with Nena, Falco and others. Also associated with NDW, Peter Schilling was a luminous shooting-star of 1982 with David Bowie-inspired “Major Tom (Völlig Losgelöst)” that awakes fond memories among Germans having reached the middle age now. Nicely melodic and catchy refrain has been reused by other artists later. The 12-inch includes luckily a version extended to five minutes. On the […]

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