Feature: Dusty vinyl from Rabat

Cheikha Remitti, the Mother of Rai, in this early release of Disques Dounia.

Anyone fond of vinyl records or other collectibles knows the excitement of heading to distant territories and making unexpected finds in dusty boxes. Before leaving on a 12-day family trip in March, our destination Morocco did not look like a promised land in this respect, and for most of the time, this assumption was true. During my previous visits to the country I had gathered a sizeable collection of cassettes, with the focus on local folk, less on Oriental pop and raï and had managed to pick up also a tape version of the legendary Nass El Ghiwane’s self-titled album. During this visit, […]

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Hard Wax, Paul Lincke and Berliner Luft


In Berlin, Kurfürstendamm and Unter den Linden are must-go place in any travel guide, attracting the tourists visiting the city. Those seeking a different face of Berlin end up in Kreuzberg, a multicultural and bohemian district that is home of many record shops. When getting out at Kottbusser Tor underground station you are close to a world-famous location for cutting-edge electronic music and shining vinyls.Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A is the headquarters of Hard Wax – the address found at the store’s mail order invoices signifies in real life an inner-yard apartment house. Not a posh place decorated with graffiti and surrounded by small […]

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2010 Best Record Shop: Decks.de


2010 was full of great music and I would like to give props to some excellent sources for obtaining it. The lion’s share of the stuff was bought from online stores that top the ranking but I hope that physical record stores remain in business, being also great meeting points and arteries of social life.1. Decks.deA regular for my record purchases with vast selection and customer-friendly interface. Allows omnibus orders, i.e. to collect an order during 30 days before shipped. Prices are ok and shipping charges do not hurt – they even offer UPS for €10.90 (to Estonia, delivery time […]

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