REVIEW: RX-101 – EP1 (Suction Records suction032 – 2016)


At the end of 1990s, Suction Records garnered much support for its synth and wave magic from Lowfish, Skanfrom, Mitgang Audio and others. Although in the last decade, the label from Toronto has been less in the limelight, it recently brought out a few notable records from the EBM and industrial angle, including new material by Celldöd from Sweden and a set of remixes of “Work Terminal”, a vintage track of Toronto’s legendary group Digital Poodle. Suction’s newest discovery Erik Jong is from the Netherlands – a survivor of warehouse techno era who has opened his bedroom producer’s archives under the RX-101 […]

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Sven Grünberg – Hingus (Bureau B BB 241LP – 1981/2016)


Sven Grünberg is real name of a real person and he is not a fictional Lufthansa engineer who secretly became electronic musician in the 1970s and appeared from the obscurity later. Grünberg, who turns 60 this November, was born in the Estonian capital Tallinn and cut his teeth in the local seventies bands Ornament and Mess, acting in the latter as composer, singer and instrumentalist. A graduate of a music college in Tallinn, Grünberg decided to become electronic musician in (then) Soviet Union where he was not a loner, if to recall from the previous generation Eduard Artemyev who wrote scores […]

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DUST OFF: Alden Tyrell – Times Like These: 1999-2006 (Clone CD 7 – 2006)


As DJ and producer, synth-obsessed Alden Tyrell has been a stalwart of the Rotterdam’s Clone community and remains active to the present day, despite of releasing (the first) retrospective already in 2006. By that time, Tyrell had become a renowned artist in the world of neo-italo and electro disco, who was providing energised tracks for curing the eighties homesickness. “Times Like These: 1999-2006” collected several of Tyrell’s previous tracks on Clone and Viewlexx, including synthetic party starters such as “Knockers”, “Disco Lunar Module” or “Love Explosion”. However, the album’s real treat is the mood-boosting “La Voix”, carried by Nancy Fortune’s powerful and sensual vocals and “I Feel Love” bass line. When hearing Fortune’s voice, one […]

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DJ Stingray 313 & Mariska Neerman – 002 (Bleep43 Recordings ‎BLEEP43EP002 – 2015)

Several wise and good words have been said about the DJ Stingray 313 and Mariska Neerman split EP on Bleep43, which brings together two producers with as different profiles as they only could be. In recent years, Sherard Ingram’s talent has been showcased in numerous releases and the Detroit electro mastermind keeps the DJ Stingray 313 alias well alive with a constant flow of new material. The A-side is Stingray’s domain and it offers proven pneumatic funk across two tracks, of which “Nudge Theory” will win some hearts on the floor. Neerman, in turn, is a fledgling artist from Belgium and it is not the first time she is sharing a release with Ingram. Already […]

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DJ Overdose – Master Control (Viewlexx V-026 – 2015)

DJ Overdose - (Viewlexx V-026) Master Control (2015) - V026b700

For Viewlexx, a trusted offshoot of I-F’s empire, 2015 marks the 20th year in the business. The journey that once began with “Portrait Of A Dead Girl 1”, continues with DJ Overdose’s “Master Control”, a new EP by the master of robust electro funk. However, the opener deviates from the familiar line, when catchy italo hommage “Timewave Zero” sounds like DJ Overdose hanging out with Bordello A Parigi fellows. After negotiating some curves in the autostrada, “Errorless Computer” is hooked on the 1980ies in slick West Coast boogie for the Hollywood Wives pool party. Heavier blows emerge in darkish “Blacklight” and the title track “Master Control” has the honour to represent the Dutch hallmark […]

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ANOPOLIS – ΑΚΡΟΠΟΛΕΩΣ (Lower Parts LP005 – 2014)


A group of ladies in traditional black, pictured in an old Turkish street of Thessaloniki in 1902. The sleeve predicts a folk music mashup, but in this respect the visual appearance is deceptive. “ΑΚΡΟΠΟΛΕΩΣ” is a truly appealing platter of acid house in Greek style conceived by Anopolis, a producer collective from Thessaloniki. So the Athens-based label Lower Parts has published four variations on the theme Anopolis, pressed in white wax. The opener “Anopolis 2” differs from the rest, as it is synth-soaked electro disco I am tempted to compare with Rude 66’s recent jams on Bordello A Parigi. Biting acid funk in “Anopolis […]

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Beau Wanzer – Power Outage (Nation ‎NAT 15 – 2014)


Four electronic grotesques in ten-inch format, pressed as short but concise 45 RPM tracks. The feast starts with the title “Power Outage”, which feels like a demonic shrink session during blackout, with Alan Vega type of manic recital on accelerated knocking-on-wood beat of Amii Stewart. Next one, “Fabrics”, features EBM-friendly synth theme while things take an odd turn in “Lotraf”, where offbeat-infected drum machine is dissed by deformed monologue, allegedly by the man himself in his younger years. Crushed by noise, “Thurston Moog” finishes it off as symbiosis of electric blues and folk After hanging out with NYC’s L.I.E.S. and […]

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Edanticonf – Human Body Movement (M_Rec Ltd Grey Series MRECLTDGS09 – 2014)


Release date is in July 2014 Four variations on the theme “Movement” by the Italian artist Edanticonf who has previously claimed a central spot in the roster of the Vancouver imprint Silent Season. Usually we can smell dub techno in Edanticonf’s productions and his approach on the EP for M_Rec Ltd’s Grey Series is not hugely different. After being introduced with swirling arpeggios recalling the heyday of Berlin’s MFS, the other tracks maintain the fidgety synth line, placed over a solid set of echoing textures and technoid pulses. The B1 track goes more atmospheric while the final one belongs to […]

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Ricardo Donoso – Iron / Verse Remixes (Digitalis Recordings DIGIV067)


Handing out “As Iron Sharpens Iron, One Verse Sharpens Another” to internationally acclaimed artists for remixing was not driven by the need to legitimize Ricardo Donoso’s album for the club use. As noted in the LP’s review – current work is his closest to dance canons, or could it be trance canons – it was already there. And even more after the reworks.One might expect that Yves De Mey, a modular synth expert and Opal Tapes artist, is hooked on impudent experimentalism but the Belgian prefers rather dreamy layers in “The Sphinx”. Opening the “Diagonal Environment” with Holy Mountain-style spoken word, Recondite delivers a […]

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Mario Moretti – Spaziotempo (Bordello A Parigi BAP015 – 2014)


With its cheerful simplicity italo could be easily classified as odd phenomenon of the dance music history, expected to resurface only at dance parties for the middle-aged. But italo’s appeal hasn’t really been ever lost and the genre keeps coming back with new productions in 2014 too. A recent example is Mario Moretti’s “Spaziotempo” EP, a teaser for the upcoming album by Lithuanian producer Andrius Kurkinas, released on Dutch imprint Bordello A Parigi.Clad in a picture sleeve appealing both to car-crazy fathers and their sons, the EP’s title track is an euphoric number with catchy rhythm and flying synth riffs, […]

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