2010 Newcomer: Bakey Ustl


1. Bakey UstlNot an unbiased decision to select Bakey Ustl, native Estonian, the Newcomer of the Year. But it’s not far-fetched because of his storming solo debut on Unthank, a twisted view on deep house. Also my blog statistics and Juno’s sales chart (his EP in the 6th position of the last eight weeks) are clear proofs of the excellence of this release.2. RaimeMissed the vinyl version of his debut, “Raime EP”, that was followed by another strike of gothic electronica in “If Anywhere Was Here He Would Know Where We Are”, with a Regis version. I’m expecting more of […]

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2010 Best Record Shop: Decks.de


2010 was full of great music and I would like to give props to some excellent sources for obtaining it. The lion’s share of the stuff was bought from online stores that top the ranking but I hope that physical record stores remain in business, being also great meeting points and arteries of social life.1. Decks.deA regular for my record purchases with vast selection and customer-friendly interface. Allows omnibus orders, i.e. to collect an order during 30 days before shipped. Prices are ok and shipping charges do not hurt – they even offer UPS for €10.90 (to Estonia, delivery time […]

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2010 Best Artist: Ancient Methods


Medieval techno funk duo Ancient Methods tops the Best Artist  category. For every listed artist I added a track that impressed me. 1. Ancient Methods “Untitled: B1” (Ancient Methods) 2. Stingray 313 “Sentiment” [Naked Lunch] 3. Delta Funktionen “Please Identify” (Ann Aimee) 4. Marco Bernardi “Msry” (Dirty Planet Recordings) 5. Mark Ernestus Vs. Konono N° 1 “Masikulu Dub” (CNG) 6. Svreca “AW09” (Semantica)     Almost as great artists and tracks, in random order: Robert Hood “Omega (End Times)” (M-Plant) Nuel “Untitled: A1” (Aquaplano) Speedy J “Armstrong” Bakey USTL “Heroin” (Unthank) Mensah “1986 Was The Future” (H.E.N.C.H.) TV Victor “130509” […]

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2010 Best Label: Honest Jon’s


1. Honest Jon’s Records Might be a surprise to learn that London-based Honest Jon’s Records (HJR) is the best label in a techno-focused blog. A surprise not because of Damon Albarn, former charts star of Blur fame, who co-runs the label and does it very well. It’s because of versatile catalogue, where in 2010 T++’s doublepack “Wireless” and “Splazsh” by once-promising soccer player Darren Cunningham AKA Actress were among few releases categorised as techno or electro.HJR is becoming an institution of higher music education. It doesn’t shy to release music made in Istanbul 100 years ago or folk techno from […]

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2010 Best Remix: Is This Insanity? (Ben Klock Remix)


1. Martyn Ft. Spaceape “Is This Insanity? (Ben Klock Remix)” –Martyn was a big name for 2010 and when Ostgut stalwart Ben Klock placed his hands on the track the outcome was superb. On top of that hypnotic vox contribution by Spaceape. Undisputed winner of the remix category.2. Marco Bernardi “Giro (Exium Remix)” – Bernardi’s excellent EP was refined by a thriving remix of Spanish duo Exium. Solid techno for the floor that was picked up by Surgeon for his Fabric mix-CD. 3. Cub “C U 1 (UST Remix)” – dark and mysterious trip with a treatment by UST – […]

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2010 Favourite Media (online): Intergalactic FM

This is the category that could be described “too many to list”. I have listed in my profile the blogs and sites I follow, and as you may guess, these are not the only ones.Although charting the favorites is a challenge, there are some that I would like to present. Excluded is discogs.com, a daily tool, that is anyway in own league.1. Intergalactic FMA treasure box for anyone into electro, techno, italo, horror movie soundtracks and whatever else can be found on earth. Or will be found soon. The streaming site was initially set up by I-F as Cybernetic Broadcasting […]

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2010 Favourite Music Media (offline): De:Bug


It’s time to wrap up the year 2010 and the first category is about the media that is available in hard copy. The paper is not searchable and takes up some room in the shelf but I prefer these mags in old-fashioned way. Needless to say that like other traditional media publications, they have websites too.1. De:Bug (D) Published in vibrant Berlin, De:Bug covers elektronische Lebensaspekte that do not only encompass modern music but also gadgets, technology, media and society. The party guide tells the best on offer in Berlin and beyond. Elaborates various aspects of the electronic world and […]

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Bakey Ustl – E.P. 1 (Unthank 001) – 9/10


Stop fiddling with your goddamn radio, d’ya hear? Turn it off! It’s late night at the campus, thin walls don’t isolate the sounds coming from a room. It’s not a radio, it’s a disciple of  professors Theo P. and Kenny D. who has well progressed in Deep House Research. The outcome is in front of us: Filling the A-side, “A Tender Places” is a juicy and stripped-down deep house track that tells how to engage in different carnal activities, all night long. At 2:22 we encounter a sudden break and some empty grooves but the same track goes on with […]

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Ancient Methods – Fifth Method (AM-5) – 10/10


The walls of Jericho are shaking again when hit with the sonic assault by Ancient Methods (AM). Baeks and Trias, two masterminds behind the act, are on the move in heavy armor, again in the crossroads of darker techno and industrial. A1 goes off with a raw and energetic sequence pumping like, I would say, a rave track. At mid-track the tempo is reduced, rhythm altered and what follows is AM’s trademark diesel beat. A2 is a five-second clip of disco, like a mastering mishap. On the flip of marbled vinyl, B1 is a robust stomper with distorted voice sample […]

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Svreca – Obscur (Semantica 18) – 9/10


Limited edition of 100 and handmade details are only secondary factors why to get excited about this record that is my first encounter with Spanish outlet Semantica and the work of the label head Svreca, by the passport known as Enrique Mena. Those seeking loud techno bangers on the release should look at somewhere else. Towards the end the hardness comes up but in an intelligent and mystic way.The title track, “Obscur” is a floating drone signaling the eternal emptiness. Then Regis’s remix of “Utero” is atmospheric electronica with mystic background voices and reminds of earlier Aphex Twin and, more […]

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