DUST OFF: Various – The Techno Sound Of Berlin (NovaMute NMCD 3002 – 1992)


Fragrances, jeans, alcohol, a selection of hit CDs and suddenly, “The Techno Sound Of Berlin (Berlin 1992 – Tresor Kompilation)” – it was my first, unexpected meeting with release. It happened in 1992 at Amerest, an upmarket store in the university city of Tartu that opened in the dawn of market economy in Estonia some years earlier. It used to accept foreign currency only, until June 1992 when free-falling rouble was swapped to the Estonia’s national currency kroon. Still former ‘valuta shops’ remained either places to expose own wealth or, for the people not so well off, to do some window shopping. I did the […]

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Acronym – June (Northern Electronics NE21 – 2015)

In the areas closer to the Arctic Circle, the month of June is full of suggestive stories – after wintery darkness being defeated, breath-taking white nights proclaim the Summer Solstice. When the nature is in full blossom, even rain and winds do not spoil the magic. Therefore June is something to cherish and Acronym is exactly doing that, with the help of sound-emitting machines. For Acronym, “June” is the fourth release on Northern Electronics. Initially seen as Abdulla Rashim’s experimental side activity, the label has become an established outlet with a strong roster on Nordic artists. Sound wise it is located in the crossroads of tripping pagan rites for […]

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Polar Inertia – Kinematic Optics EP (Dement3d Records DM3D011 – 2015)

Techno shamans from Polar Inertia keep demonstrating their prowess with the third EP on Dement3d, when “Kinematic Optics EP” drops after convincing “Indirect Light” and “The Last Vehicle”, both among most sought-after releases of the Paris label. Polar Inertia reports nothing new about their biographical details and it is also irrelevant, seeing how capable they are in creating a well-working blend of trance influences and rugged techno textures. Actually, calling over 73 minutes of music an EP is actually misleading, but vinyl buyers can be only happy about. However, the label quickly realised that the length does not justify the price (€14) asked for the digital release and allocated a […]

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DJ Deep & Roman Poncet Present Adventice – Extraction (Tresor.274 – 2015)

No kidding, techno institution Tresor goes post-Harthouse when two French producers, DJ Deep and Roman Poncet, are pacing the night with swirling trance-induced cuts in “Extraction”. It is a different and stimulating release in current techno landscape, although during first listen I felt a little puzzled how to take it. Having started with spectacular air show “Extracapsular Extraction”, the highlight arrives with intrepid arpeggios and steaming bass stabs in “Data Retrieval”, a reanimation session for the goa generation. The B-side is filled with seven minutes of intense pulses in “Extraction Force”, for broadcasting in Elon Musk’s Hyperloop. DJ Deep has been active for over 20 years […]

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Ekserd – The Hidden Documents (Ressort Imprint RSI 006 – 2015)

The word ‘trance’ comes over my lips when listening to four hidden documents, released by Berlin’s fledgling Ressort Imprint. Of Ekserd’s original material, the opener “Hidden Document I” behaves wildly when boosting blood pressure with rough drum driven material. Next, I can’t ignore the feeling of hearing a Kangding Ray track when “II” opens the door for dubby screeches and trancy elements already heard in the opener. The B-side is dedicated to the reworks of visiting artists. Firstly, I/Y’s drops a high altitude version, before Svreca takes “II” to a trippy flight, for me the highlight of the release. To mention is also the digital […]

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Edit Select & Teste – The Rewipes (edit-select ES018 – 2014)


Firstly, it’s a welcome initiative by Scotland’s Tony Scott aka Edit Select to unearth a famed techno classic “The Wipe” by Teste, originally out on Probe Records USA in 1992. Even though “The Wipe” and especially the “5 a.m. Synaptic” mix never really collected the dust, it might have been a track rather cherished by those remembering the days back then. For the new round, Scott had selected and edited the original for his own DJ sets and after contacting Dave Foster and Thomas S. Browning from Teste they decided to issue the edit. The original is immediately recognizable, only […]

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Datura Dilema – Chasing The Sun (Drama Universal DRAMA002 – 2014)


Release date is in May 2014 Having released two digital albums on Spanish platform Subsist with the focus on dubbed out and droning techno, Datura Dilema’s own digital imprint Drama Universal is seeking healing qualities with a set of softer textures. However the new two-tracker “Chasing The Sun” would not be a stranger on the floor.The 12-minute title piece is clearly driven by solar energy, letting gentle loops to trek over dunes in search of New Age tribesmen. Feeling like slow-mode Harthouse tune, it’s a strong pro-life statement with well-crafted harmonies. More intense repetition factor is faced in “Rise”, which […]

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Ricardo Donoso – Iron / Verse Remixes (Digitalis Recordings DIGIV067)


Handing out “As Iron Sharpens Iron, One Verse Sharpens Another” to internationally acclaimed artists for remixing was not driven by the need to legitimize Ricardo Donoso’s album for the club use. As noted in the LP’s review – current work is his closest to dance canons, or could it be trance canons – it was already there. And even more after the reworks.One might expect that Yves De Mey, a modular synth expert and Opal Tapes artist, is hooked on impudent experimentalism but the Belgian prefers rather dreamy layers in “The Sphinx”. Opening the “Diagonal Environment” with Holy Mountain-style spoken word, Recondite delivers a […]

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Ricardo Donoso – As Iron Sharpens Iron, One Verse Sharpens Another (Digitalis Recordings DIGIV061/2)


Since the vinyl debut „Progress Chance” on Digitalis two years ago, Ricardo Donoso has been the label’s highly acclaimed artist and now the Brazilian returns with the newest contribution “As Iron Sharpens Iron, One Verse Sharpens Another”, which is a staggering mix of fragile layers, flaming arpeggios and shuddering bass. The master of synthetic harmonies keeps the one-album-per-year pace and the newest one, out on two separate EPs, exhibits the artist’s poetic and captivating approach to the machine-made music. Current work is his closest to dance canons, or could it be trance canons. Not comparable by BPM rate, the sound […]

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Ü – Great Dose Of Monotonous Techno (Digitalis Recordings ‎DIGIV055 – 2013)


All those old school ravers and racers complaining there is not enough monotonous techno are well served with a great dose by the late Swedish artist Ü aka Joel Brindefalk. As a long-time affiliate of the Börft clan, Brindefalk has filled the LP with the sound of rave-era tapes from the attic, expressing both excitement and homesickness of bygone times. The Ü project boards a seasoned but well-oiled vehicle for historical sightseeing in the lands of techno cropped to two long tracks. Analog setup with intense rhythms and panting synths makes a nod to oldtimer labels like Labworks, Ferox and […]

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