Powell- Club Music Remixes (Diagonal ‎DIAG 016 – 2014)

Powell and Diagonal have been hitting the high spots with a new breed of body music, and for the year-end invited two exceptional artists, Ancient Methods and Richard H Kirk to the game to rework “Club Music”. Starting with the A: We have not seen any follow-up to “Seventh Sign”, so far the last Ancient Methods release on the self-titled label but the artist has been quite busy recently. “Ohne Hände”, a joint EP with Black Egg, came out on aufnahme + wiedergabe, and last January Eschaton, a collab with Orphx, was set up for a debut on Token. However, […]

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Terminal 313 Mix: Promos & Classics Vol. 2 (November 2014)

A number of new releases and some oldies in the new mix. On several occasions, I have been tempted to get a release of French jazz wizard Erik Truffaz and the same applies for Murcof, Mexican electronics don. “Origin Of The World”, the inaugural track of their collab on Mundo Recordings is a most suitable opener for “Promos & Classics Vol. 2”, taking the listener to the melancholic world where Truffaz’s trumpet meets ambient. Hot Guts is a Philadelphia industrial wave group and “All Suns” is from their new LP on Avant! Records. Anopolis collective stands for Greek-flavoured acid house and switches on the […]

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Beau Wanzer – Power Outage (Nation ‎NAT 15 – 2014)


Four electronic grotesques in ten-inch format, pressed as short but concise 45 RPM tracks. The feast starts with the title “Power Outage”, which feels like a demonic shrink session during blackout, with Alan Vega type of manic recital on accelerated knocking-on-wood beat of Amii Stewart. Next one, “Fabrics”, features EBM-friendly synth theme while things take an odd turn in “Lotraf”, where offbeat-infected drum machine is dissed by deformed monologue, allegedly by the man himself in his younger years. Crushed by noise, “Thurston Moog” finishes it off as symbiosis of electric blues and folk After hanging out with NYC’s L.I.E.S. and […]

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The Trash Company ‎– Modern Love (Thug Records THUG 015 – 2013)


Despite of strong electronic connotations this EP is not related to Modern Love, a visionary techno imprint from Manchester. Because Max E. Monroe, the artist behind The Trash Company, composed the tracks about 20 years ago and these were initially rejected by Capitol Records. Until recently Monroe from Richmond, Virginia was among the unknowns of the music world, before his talent (or potential) was discovered by People’s Potential Unlimited (PPU). After the LP “Earle Hotel Tapes 1979 – 1993” and a single on PPU, The Trash Company now bravely blends different genres in “Modern Love”. The heaviest punch comes for the […]

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Leven Signs – Hemp Is Here (Digitalis Recordings DIGIV050 – 2013)


Once again I would like to meet Zakaria in Sefrou. On a Friday night when the harira stalls are open in the dusky side streets we bump into each other amid lively noise of the central market. He, with a smile short of some teeth, shows good command of English and fondly recalls the days when Jimi Hendrix was around, and not only him. Zakaria comes from the Moroccan hippie generation and knows the power of guitars and hand claps. We both might not have heard about Leven Signs but it’s never too late to learn about the enticing music […]

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White Blush – White Blush EP (self-released – 2012)


Clearly filed under synth-pop, White Blush release smells like Commodore and 808. Originally from Chicago and now hailing from Los Angeles, Carol Rhyu, is obviously fond of vintage gear and neon sounds when she, the mind and soul behind the White Blush, presents a definition of urban daydreaming on the self-titled debut EP.The six-tracker could not have any better start than “True Luv”. Kicking off with a Plastic Noise Experience bassline, the tune essentially rides on sultry synth waves topped with Carol’s misty vocals. The same scheme prevails, along with agile arpeggios, in “Mirror” while pop meets Gothic melancholy in “Jolene”, […]

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Powell – Body Music EP (Diagonal DIAG002 – 2012)


Diagonal is a rather new imprint, now presenting the second release with “Body Music”. Still have to find out who is Powell, the label founder and artist behind the new EP, but he’s leaving embossed footprints. Clearly it reminds of some prominent figures from the past, especially of DAF, which is not the Dutch truck manufacturer but epochal new wave group Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft. Can imagine Gabi Delgado swaying on the stage in the title track “Body Music” while also “Grand Street” and “Nude” are good for some pogo. “Search” is a slow-motion bass & drone intercepting secrets behind the […]

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Various – Estcon 2012 (Trash Can Dance TCD212012 – 2012)


Once a year Estonian sci-fi and horror fans meet at Estcon to spend a few days in the nature with beer and fantasy. The focus is on literature and storytelling, but these good folks with expanded cultural horizon like the music too. This year all participants were eligible for “Estcon 2012”, a two-CDR compilation, 150 copies issued on Trash Can Dance label.With 34 tracks and more than two hours of playtime it’s a sizable package and offers many interesting finds. In fact, it was a great listening experience and gives faith in the present and future of Estonian alternative music.The […]

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Heinrich Dressel – Sighing Melodies Thru The Graves (Mannequin MNQ 024 – 2012)


Heinrich Dressel, half-brother of Franz Falckenhaus and cousin of Klaus Weltman, embarks on a new synth and wave mission for the Italian outlet Mannequin. Travelling with a passport issued to Valerio Lombardozzi, the producer from Rome has recorded under the Composite Profuse alias and is closely associated with contemporary school of electro-synth-wave. Still I remember Dressel’s “Mons Testaceum” on Legowelt’s Strage Life Records, which sounded like a sonic testament of gladiators perished in the arena of Colosseum. Now he comes with a mini-LP where the title track “Sighing Melodies Thru The Graves” surprises with italo-inspired synthwave jolliness. In fact entire […]

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Paco Sala – Ro-Me-Ro (Digitalis DIGIV043 – 2012)


When Digitalis announced upfront digital single to the album, I thought Paco Sala is a moustached electronics explorer from New Mexico. In fact it’s a solo project by Antony Harrison AKA Konntinent, who now presents his first Paco longplayer. He’s not alone as the vocal part is done by eloquent singer Leyli, adding fragile touch to the complex sound arrangements.The album opens in fine manner with “Dumb Truths”, a mosaic of melodic synth stabs, whispering voices and percussive claps. Already known from the single, „Gifts Of The Bloom“ features Leyli’s French-style murmuring on compelling melody, which would predict a longer […]

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