Rating: 9/10 A test pressing of Non Plus Records presents a new EP by Kassem Mosse, mainly known for his much-praised Workshop and Mikrodisko releases. Often difficult to file under any particular subgenre, Gunnar Wendel is an electronic artist who continues to pursue cross-breeding of techno, house, electro and others.TheRead More →

Another mix from a dusty tape. In 1992 I was a lot into hardcore techno but this insane mix with breaks and ragga shouts quickly promoted to the league of my favorite mixes. I recorded it from a Finnish Radiomafia program and it’s credited as Coldcut Mix. ‘There is no lifeRead More →

A Radiomafia (FI) recording from 1992, it’s labeled “Belgian techno mix” and taped probably from a John Peel show. Was quite a blast when heard it. Pure perfection from the beginning to the end, I’m here once again… Thanks to Souncloud user Thumpson for helping with track IDs: 1) Plexus –Read More →

Always keen to learn what DJ Stingray is up to and the new EP, released in August on his own Micron Audio imprint, hit the first slot in Terminal313 charts last month. Container is from the USA, more precisely from Nashville, and lines up with other wild side leftfield electronicRead More →