Rating: 8/10 After strong releases on Viennese label Trust and his own imprint Micron Audio, Detroit’s Stingray313 strikes again, now in collaboration with DJ Haus for the Unknown To The Unknown label.A1 is for speed racers as it runs like on 45 and offers wild breakbeat staccato with deutsch vocoder.Read More →

Rating: 9/10 Sandwell District is rocking again, one year after gorgeous “Feed-Forward” album, and with Rrose’s second single expands the catalog with another push of turbo-charged techno. A signing of 2011, Rrose delivers two taut cuts, starting with flashlights and subtle drones in “Shepherd’s Brine”. Dramatic breaks and evil synthRead More →

Rating: 9/10 Pff…dff…zhlkk…ghzz. A rational mind has spoken and composed fourteen interpretations on the theme “Uni”. Despite built on metallic loops and particle noise, the album sounds very sterile, coming like from a whitewashed, even clinical environment.Among the tracks you find experiments with Balinese bells and asymmetric sound channels, will beRead More →

Rating: 9/10 KPLR has enslaved technology to conduct high-end acid experiments with punishing repetition and whirling EQ-effects. It’s pure unlimited programming that systematically avoids looking into the books of current techno idols. Occasionally the tracks remind of early Bunker output like Acid Planet, but those looking for bass-driven 303 slammersRead More →

November was a month of several quality releases that required to extend the Terminal 313 top at Juno to twenty entries. Label of the month title goes to Darkestral that tops the ranking with “Last Train To Lexington”, a raw electro two-tracker by Transportation AAD. In the third spot isRead More →