Rating: 8/10 The first challenge is linguistic: Zerkleinerungs-maschine is a shredder and Feindehnungsmeßgerät some sort of measuring device. So the titles promise serious German engineering that comes in a form of acid and distorted bass.The sleeve sports a writing “Robotron”, known as a computer brand in the German Democratic Republic, and the soundRead More →

Rating: 9/10 Railway, a symbol of motion, offers ultimate percussion experience as the rhythmic movement can be physically perceived on board. Chris Watson, a founding member of Cabaret Voltaire, decided to use trains as instruments and traveled with his recording gear across Mexico to capture sounds of rails for an album releasedRead More →

Drexciya‘s much-anticipated compilation landed in the first position of the Juno chart in December – although it features only one unreleased track, the fact of having access to the back catalog of Detroit’s most prominent electro act deserves full respect. Italy’s Nuel abandoned droning techno for a while and releasedRead More →