The foundations of the Techno Sound of Rome were laid by ACV Records that played an essential role in the first half of the 1990s. The label saw a number of international producers and DJs emerging, Leo Anibaldi being one of the main players along with Robert Armani, Paolo Zerletti, Riccardo Rocchi,Read More →

Although young Bremen-based artist Qnete missed the train to the “Grey City”, a showcase of local electronic and experimental artists on ZCKR Records, his redemption comes in great manner with the one-sided single “Grey City Anthem” on the same label. A producer acclaimed for the releases on his co-owned Drowned RecordsRead More →

This is Terminal 313’s musical alphabet to sum up the year 2015. Many of the entries have been covered in the blog posts and some of the mentions are about my long-time favourites who had a strong year. PART ONE: FROM A TO L Ancient Methods. The year of industrial techno’s genre-definingRead More →