Thomas P. Heckmann performing here, hiding behind the name Acid Pin-Ups and peeking at girls out there, having programmed for each of them a rough serenade. Acid record with tough and deformed sounds that, has unsuccessfully tried to add a funky edge to the entire stuff. “Betty 101” and “HeatherRead More →

Ludovic Navarre, once the frontman of the late Fnac Records, was worldwide acclaimed under the St Germain moniker with smooth and jazzy house (“Boulevard”, “Tourist”) that was enjoyed millions of times in living rooms and lounges around the world. Although being influenced by Detroit, Navarre did his only acid recordRead More →

Omar-S here with a huge acidic footprint that’s not made in the sand, we just have to identify the whereabouts of these steps. Cities ashore of Great Lakes have produced essential pieces of house and techno and Chicago was the epicenter of acid.But Alex.O.Smith remains in his first encounter (correctRead More →