Drums in excess in the first release of Diskant, a label based in Düsseldorf, the birthplace of Kraftwerk. “Inside Palace” promises musique concrete and abstract noise but then percussion picks up, complemented by bubbling rhythms and subtle strings. Dervishes are spinning, directed by one million sound layers, and signs ofRead More →

Yes, I can on vastus. Järjekordne uus leibel, esimene väljaanne, infoks vaid tempel. “Can You Dig It?” täidab 45se kiirusega esimese poole, kandes endas disco ning easy listeningi hõngu, sisse on sämplitud jänkimaa trubaduuri (Burt Bacharach?) ning meeleolu viib mõtted Dallase ja Dünastia aegadesse.Teise poole “Space Police” on kuidagi vägaRead More →

Roska has the debut album out on Rinse and for this special occasion a review from the archives of Masinamusa, from the fall 2009.In Finnish “roska” means “rubbish” but this first association is totally wrong in this respect. Because the release is pure gold. “Concrete Jungle” is a perfectly rollingRead More →