DUST OFF: Hobby – Rudern Im Stehen (Taktik tak 2001 – 1996?)

Croatian native Mate Galić was in the frontline of early German techno and hardtrance movement. Later he could not resist the call of shimmering screens when became a host for VIVA music channel, before moving to managerial positions at Native Instruments and being now the company’s CTO/President.
The projects of Robert Babicz aka Rob Acid from Cologne have been integral part of the German scene and he’s still busy releasing new material.
Although mainly associated with rave crowds the two have showed differing sides of their creativity, if only to mention Galic’s Bion moniker and his and Babicz’s one-off vehicle Hobby.
“Rudern Im Stehen” has well survived the years and offers four interpretations of hum-infected minimalism. After the disoriented start a vast polygon of bass testing unfolds in “K.O.” while in “P.S.” tense drone raises anticipation to become confronted with ticking percussion. In the presence of subs “S.O.” emits stripped down minimalist tones while “S.W.” is the most floor-friendly cut with subtle acid line and obscure voices. One of those underrated releases.

Endnote: Discogs indicates the release year 2001 but it might derive from the catalog number and is not officially confirmed. I ordered the 12″ from Marko Laine’s Mind Records in 1998 and some web sources indicate 1996 as the release year. Any comments on that are welcome.

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