A page covering mostly my 2nd hand purchases (Part 1)

Legend: purchase month/year: artist - title (label cat no. - year) - price (condition)

04/2021: D-Man – More Extended Versions (800trak 8004 TRAK – 1997) – €8.90 (VG+)
After a twelve of Sandbenders, I’ve picked up a few other releases from the tiny catalogue of the German label 800trak, which used to fluctuate between experimental electro and stripped down techno. The label founder D-Man makes a strong appearance with five untitled cuts where he drops utter minimal jack and shamanic slam, recalling DBX and Gigi Galaxy respectively.

12/2020: Tuning Circuits – No Compassion (Totally Freaked Out Power Electronics – 2017) – €25.95 (VG+)
Dutchman René Bakker was ahead of his time when in 1990 he recorded this raw and distorted insanity under the Tuning Circuits alias. A run of 200 cassettes was discovered a quarter of a century later with a couple of unofficial releases. Difficult to file under any style, just imagine pitched down Spiral Tribe meeting early continental hardcore, even not quite that.

11/2020: P909 – Live (Sonic Records SNC-2036 – 1995) – €6.00 (VG+)
The crowd-stimulating shouts on the A3 track “Even Further” make it clear  it’s a live recording of a fierce acid techno session. Prototype 909, consisting of Jason ‘BPMF’ Szostek, Dietrich Schoenemann and Taylor Deupree, was an outstanding US acid techno outfit of the 1990’s. Plenty of acid for sweaty strobe-lit areas in this five-track EP, the last one “Axis” providing some 303 funk treatment.

11/2020: Acid Front – E.C.O. 303 (Muzak MK020 – 1995) – €7.00 (VG+)
Muzak was an Italian label I remember from the reviews in the nineties techno mag Frontpage. Not as known as ACV Records, a mothership of Italian acid and techno, it still had a sizable catalogue in the same style. After copping a double pack by The 4th Dimension some years ago, I returned to the label during a Discogs surfing session. Two acid tracks of about ten minutes each, written by Piercarlo Bormida, the B-side (“Decay Probability”) with over 150 BPM and nasty bass line being a blast.

12/2020: Tim Harper – Toxic Waste (Dance Mania DM047) – €9.00 (VG+)
Knowing several great tunes Tim Harper had issued on Relief, the four-tracker “Toxic Waste” was his first debut that came out on Dance Mania back in 1992. This is an undated reissue and I don’t know if the original was as notoriously bad pressing with lousy mastering. Be prepared to turn up the volume to hear at least something. The tracks are raw and bumpy, being more stripped down in the A2 and B2, the latter (“N’da Rose”) in a Glenn Underground mix is a real earworm.

09/2020: Morganistic – Fluids Amniotic (Input Neuron Musique Ltd. INM LP 1 -1994) – €15.00 (VG)
It’s all about timing. After few years of watching Internet marketplaces for Luke Slater’s only album as Morganistic and finding a suitable one with acceptable price and quality ratio, exactly then the artist’s Mote Evolver label announced a reissue of “Fluids Amniotic”. For techno loving community it’s a treat to have this classic LP available again, as it shows Slater in top form. The A/B sides carry the vibe of Hood and Mills (especially his “Waveform Transmission Vol. 1”) and A2 (“Soup”) recalls Drexciya’s “Black Sea”. The other half is of funkier kind, concluding with rattling dub-driven techno (“Let It Go”) and IDM for the sunrise (“Wonder”). One of the very best techno albums, not only in the 1990’s category.

08/2020: Rick “Hollywood” Pagan – Village D.J. Trac Series Pt. 2 (Music Village Records MV-0035) – €4.40 (NM)
This purchase is related to The Hollywood Impact, a project described a few sections below, and reflects the artist’s visit to the Newark label Music Village. The first part comes with a portion of slapping beats, but remains quite unfascinating in comparison to its twin brother. It’s a raw and jacking EP with six pretty differing versions of “Make Em Sweat Tracs”. Stripped to the bone “Trance Trac Mix” is doing serious damage on the floor and bonus points are awarded to the old school electro version “It’s A Classic Mix”.

08/2020: Various – Grimy Edits Vol. 6 (Grimy Edits GRIME 006 – 2013) – €2.50 (VG)
A lucky find at a charitable record fair in Tallinn: I remembered Rahaan, one of the remixers, from a Stilove4music release and the red vinyl looked attractive too. Had had quick check on Discogs if it’s not a grime record and it turned out that normally quite a few bucks have to be paid for that. So I grabbed the unofficial release that features three soul and funk edits for driving the crowd mad. Over ten minutes of “I Need Help!” on the B-side is a treat.

08/2020: Rick Wade – Night Of The Living Deep (Yore Records yore-002 – 2007) – €2.50 (VG+)
Always on the lookout after Detroit artists, I picked up my second Yore release – the previous one was from Wade too – from a charitable record fair in Tallinn. The four-track EP is smooth deep house as we know from the artist, “Frosnfeathers” being my favourite track in the position B2. The price and quality ratio sounded right to make for a nice addition to my collection.

06/2020: Adapta – Adapta 1 (Brutalist Sunset Brutalsun 1 – 2011) – €5.00 (NM)
Bitstream is a well-known electro act but it was new to me that the Conner brothers have been recording under solo monikers too. In the early 2010’s, Dave (as Uexkull) and Steven (as Adapta) were also behind the label Brutalist Sunset. The first Adapta twelve is a journey on electro’s abstract trails, like a heavier take of Hidden Hawaii. Gloomy and seductive tracks, especially the B2 “Duerden Sound”.

03/2020: Madhava – Amber EP (Elusive Records ELU 002 – 1994) – €5.30 (NM)
A spontaneous buy, inspired by a review around the release time. Driving mid-1990’s progressive house with Balearic notes, the excessively euphoric A2 track “Swell” doing the best job. Written by Mat McLean, who appeared also as Son Of God and Rhizome.

02/2020: The Hollywood Impact – DJ Tools Volume 2 (Rawhaus Records RH0002 – 1992) – €4.50 (G+)
Got this tip from a 1993 interview of Daniel Bell in the German techno magazine Frontpage, where “DJ Tools Vol. 2” was listed in his TOP 10 of the moment. This is vocal house from the US and my favourite is the B-side’s sleazy opener “Cabeza (Head Job)”, which reminds a bit of Rosario’s “You Used To Hold Me”. I’m wondering if “Vol. 1” was ever released, but I can see on Discogs that the artist Rick “Hollywood” Pagan was busy already from the mid-1980’s on the Newark label Music Village Records.

02/2020: E.O.X. – Acid New York E.P. (Hollis Haus TEN4002 – 1995) – €8.50 (VG+)
The record came out on an offshoot of Tension Records, a nineties influential label that was run by Abe Duque. Two cuts were written by US electronic artists Dietrich Schoenemann and Taylor Deupree, both of them known for exceptional track record as sound designers. The A-side’s acid funk might have well appeared on Khan’s Temple Records in NYC, while the flip’s offbeat spanking and deformed vocals with “acid, New York” on repeat are leading thoughts to Phuture and other classic 303 acts.

01/2020: .xtrak – Multiplexor (7th City SCD 003 – 1995) – €8.50 (VG)
Out of stock when I made an order from Submerge in 1995, this original press filled with genuine minimal has finally landed in my collection. Written by Todd Sines and co-produced by the label founder Daniel “DBX” Bell, the four-track EP parades with cold jack beats. Of course the label’s most coveted releases came from Claude Young’s project Brother From Another Planet but they are going for huge money.

01/2020: Random Access – DJ Tools Vol. 2 (Relief Records RR704 – 1994) – €14.00 (VG+)
Every few months I’m indulging myself with early Relief releases, even when owning a number of them already. Random Access – not to be mixed up with Dutch acid techno act Random XS – released three installments of “DJ Tools” on the label and the second volume is the first one in my collection. The sound is on housier side, pumped up by a Green Velvet remix on the B-side.

12/2019: Panasonic – Panasonic (Sähkö Recordings SÄHKÖ-007 – 2005) – €19.00 (NM)
I belong to the guild of Sähkö collectors and this piece was missing so far. Original first pressing is very expensive, but the 2005 reissue is fine too. “Murtaja” on the B-side is a rough ride. It’s a shame Panasonic was forced to change its name, even when it didn’t have any adverse effect on the duo’s musical output.

10/2019: Jakosuodin – Putkimies EP (Pulssi pulssi001 – 1997) – €6.00 (VG)
Finnish FM station Radiomafia played it in March 1997 when introducing new domestic releases. ‘Plumber’ (=’putkimies’) techno came with a sturdy, chord driven title track and “Epäkesko” was close to early M-Plant. Still works well.