TECHNO/ACID **** Alex Ranzino – Ride Da Perc EP (PHOQ U PHONOGRAMMEN – PH.U.9)
Muscular and efficient techno from Amsterdam’s Alex Ranzino on the U-Trax offshoot. A certain old school touch can’t be denied, with Mills-like industrial loops. On the top shelf are the caustic blasts “Acid Groove” and “Machine Geweld” for peak-time action.  The Advent allows a break from electro with speed racer take of the title track, while the 909-driven original shows also a melodic side.

ELECTRO **** The Advent & Zein Ferreira – Elektronically Minded (Cultivated Electronics CE046)
A family affair led by father and son, Cisco and Zein Ferreira, with their close relative Torai joining in with a decent remix of the track “Syncopated”. The opener “Basic Channelling” is classic electro, instead of dub techno as it might seem by the title. The Exaltics rework arrives with turbo beats that are finding a pleasing companion in dreamy pads. The best is B2, “Journey To The Deep”, which is an oscillating snake charmer tune with nautical notes. “Elektronically Minded EP” is the first of their two releases scheduled on Cultivated Electronics in 2024.

ACID/TECHNO **** The Exaltics – It Never Ends (Repetitive Rhythm Research RRR008)
Predominantly an electro minded producer, The Exaltics makes a diversion on the EP by dropping techno and acid tracks. Which is not a surprise on a label like Repetitive Rhythm Research. Robust bass drum rules on the A-side, heralding a vintage party time. The knobs are twisted harder on the flip, where aptly titled “Corroded (From The Future)” and its companion “Dumb” generate a true 303 mayhem.

TECHNO **** Amotik – Amotik 014 (feat. Tina Ramamurthy) (Amotik AMTK014)
Amotik hardly leaves DJ bags and now the UK-born Wahlberliner presents a new three tracker. For the vocal part he has engaged Tina Ramamurthy whose echoing narration lends a psychedelic feel to the EP.  The dub driven opener “Chauhattar” reminds of Cheap And Deep collab with Uta Alder, while monotone “Pachattar” is revolving around a slightly annoying sample. “Chihattar” moves in tantric spheres, the vocalist clearly dominating my preferred track of this EP.

SYNTH/WAVE *** Albin – Diskotek (Paltunes)
Albin reports back on Paltunes, a label from his hometown Malmö. This time Sweden’s ambient and IDM artist commences the five-track digital EP in the 1970’s mood with “Diskotek”, followed by healing New Age pipes (“Tvekan”) and dub-infused tech house (“112”, “Sent”). For the end, “Gryning” returns to the krauty disco room.

TECHNO *** ASEC – Group Dynamics (ASEC006)
A six-track offering by Berlin’s techno artist ASEC, for getting lost in the maze of clubs of his hometown. Three original cuts are loud and merciless, along with a Kaiser remix, while Inland versions stand out of the rest. First, the title track gets a creepy treatment and dub-infused reverbs convincingly round up the case.