portree copyMy name is Janno and I’m a seasoned techno nerd writing about old and new electronic music as Terminal 313. Former member of Deka & Free tape-jockey team operating in Tartu, Estonia at the beginning of 1990s and now an occasional hobby DJ, at home and elsewhere.

After being an electronic music fan and scene activist since the beginning of 1990s, I started writing brief reviews for myself at the mid-2000s. Thereafter started a blog in my native Estonian, before launching Terminal 313 in the beginning of 2010.

I am very thankful to promo pools, labels and artists who are providing me with new music – on several occasions they have triggered a purchase of the actual record. However, there is a lot of mass productions in the market, I mean mostly everyday techno that works well in DJ sets but are not so inspiring to write a review about. Also, as an one-man operation, I am not able to cover too many releases. And hope you understand that I can’t answer all emails, although doing my best here. My policies are as follows guidance

  • I don’t give any feedback and cover releases available only in streaming channels, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc., as I don’t use these services.
  • I hardly cover single tracks, videos – unless it’s something special.
  • Please check my site before sending any promos, to see if your music might match my preferences. Emails with EDM or other commercial stuff will be deleted.
  • Vinyl promos are most welcome – I would pay the shipping cost to Estonia – and if you feel that you can provide me with physical promos, just ask for my address.

I’m happy to get non-downloadable private streams. If I like the release I may buy it, as I’ve done so several times on Bandcamp.

All posts tagged ‘promo’ mean that a label or promoter has sent me a full release for reviewing. All other posts are about the releases in my collection or based on publicly available streams.

Terminal 313 is not my job, this is my hobby, and I would like to have fun out of that – for anybody concerned.

My e-mail is info(at)terminal313.net.

Janno Toots (Terminal 313)

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