Giant Claw – Mutant Glamour (Orange Milk Records OM-GCMGLP – 2012)


From the world of Looney Tunes, B-movies and mythological heroes comes Giant Claw, offering audible pulp fiction with a fine artwork LP. Better not to have illusions it’s a dance record. In “Mutant Glamour” confessed synth maniac Keith Rankin exposes the restless side of his brain for chaotic, mostly three-minute mutations.Giant Claw proclaims doing sound collages and as a result we get synth riffs and rhythm splinters in excess, with “Mutant Glamour” describing precisely the nature of the release: Chopped, pickled, cooked and blended 8-bit sounds.Exceptions in terms of floor potential are “L.A. Christ” and the longest track “Trapped In […]

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Vindicatrix – Hume / Unborn Vectors (Mordant Music 045) – 10/10


You can’t expect something ordinary from Mordant Music. “Hume” walks on the borderline of real and imaginary world, presenting first a theatrical performance by an uncredited and dramatic vocalist (Vindicatrix?) who is doing it in Fritz Ostermayer style. Electro-acoustic composition and sleepy bass serve as backdrop. This is for the first half of the A-side. Without interruption we move on to technoid part that is welcomed by cheering crowd and thereafter mixed with some drops of acid, to make your feet move.“Unborn Vectors” is another vocal performance, assisted by orchestral arrangements, various bass facets and percussion elements. At mid-track it […]

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Tobias Bernstrup – Midnight Blue (Falco Invernale Records 001) – 8/10


Swedish multi-artist carries the torch that was lit in the Apennine Peninsula in the 80’s. Three easy and waving italo tracks on blue vinyl, whereas the title track and “Behind The Wheel” sound like twins beacuse of shared refrain and only some synth variations. B2, “Into The Night”, is different and makes an EP out this release. Primitive lyrics (my hands are on the steering wheel, I hear the sound of crushing steel) follow the italo heritage. Background forces are worth a mention too: sound engineering by Mark Verbos; female vocals by two Scandinavian sirens, Saralunden and Miss Liz Wendelbo. […]

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