Univac – Radiation (Bunker Records 3092 – 2011)

Rating: 10/10 Calling Univac’s debut EP ‘party electro’ would mean that we have a misunderstanding right for the start. Because parallel to maintaining dark stance of Bunker catalogue, “Radiation” just keeps going with energetic treatment for hips and thighs and delivers plenty of banging and roaring tracks of good vintage electro style, in almost LP length for full enjoyment. A1 bears some resemblance with “Numbers” by a famous Düsseldorf collective and A2 features an armada of jet fighters taking off for a mission. A3 is something to get seriously hooked on: a body-shaking very functional track with memorable stinging sequence and B2 […]

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Cosmos Laguna – Karma Cleaner (Trash Can Dance TCD082011)

Rating: 9/10 After visiting Kiek in de Kök, a 15th-century cannon tower in Tallinn Old Town, and witnessing exhibition about the city’s days of glory but also suffering through plague and wars, I found that it was appropriate time to check the album of Cosmos Laguna. Macabre artwork looked very medieval, is it another strike of black metal?First two tracks, “Cancer” and “Underwaterwar”, made clear that the release is about electronics, although the first two sounded like noisy big beat and I did not have much fun yet. Then the game really started: DAF-like bass line in “Chaos City” worked […]

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Vindicatrix – Hume / Unborn Vectors (Mordant Music 045) – 10/10

You can’t expect something ordinary from Mordant Music. “Hume” walks on the borderline of real and imaginary world, presenting first a theatrical performance by an uncredited and dramatic vocalist (Vindicatrix?) who is doing it in Fritz Ostermayer style. Electro-acoustic composition and sleepy bass serve as backdrop. This is for the first half of the A-side. Without interruption we move on to technoid part that is welcomed by cheering crowd and thereafter mixed with some drops of acid, to make your feet move.“Unborn Vectors” is another vocal performance, assisted by orchestral arrangements, various bass facets and percussion elements. At mid-track it […]

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