Ekman – Gödelian Argument (Bedouin Records BDN004 – 2015)

Already Dez Williams EP with remixes by Bintus and Ekman indicated serious ambitionst of Bedouin Records, a label based in the United Arab Emirates. The next alert comes from Ekman, conducting corrosive experiments in a gritty five-tracker expected in February. The Dutch electro acid producer had an exceptional year 2014 and “Gödelian Argument”, the most septic offering in the Bedouin catalog so far, promises further tremors on the floor. Already the sound clips give a clear evidence of an excellent offering. “Quantitative Matter And Motion” starts as dirty as it can be, with overdriven bass line and evil undulations we know from Ekman’s Panzerkreuz and The Trilogy Tapes material. At […]

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pann​+​onn – Grohot (Ante-Rasa ANTE03 – 2015)

Released on the very first day of 2015, “Grohot” stands for very loud New Year fireworks the Serbian way. Brought to us by Belgian imprint Ante-Rasa, the five-track digital EP boosts the heart rate of anybody in love with harsh beats. Serbia may not look like a hotbed of harder electronic music but industrial has some traditions in the Balkans, which are not limited to Slovenia, to Laibach and its consorts. For example, Ancient Methods has had many recent gigs in the region and rounded off the year 2014 with a performance in Belgrade. In “Grohot”, doomed knights line-up for […]

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DJ Spider & Marshallito – Contest For Supremacy (The Trilogy Tapes TTT029 – 2014)

Everybody hopes that ‘nuclear winter’ is just doomsday fiction actually not going to happen whereas a piece of vinyl titled “Nuclear Winter” is a stimulating undertaking, executed by NYC producers DJ Spider and Marshallito for the London-based The Trilogy Tapes. In the first instance, DJ Spider equals shuffled techno stompers with a pinch of funk, mostly appearing on his own label Plan B Records. His pal Marshallito’s home is fittingly named subBASS Sound System, a label that has seen three collabs of the two producers. After “Deadly Structures”, the current EP is DJ Spider’s and Marshallito’s second joint effort on Will Bankhead’s label and one can expect seismic beats when the two enter […]

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