AX&P – Mutiny & Disorder (AX&P002 – 2016)


Widely known for their nonconformist attitude, Adam X and Perc are stirring a machine-controlled chaos in the new single “Mutiny & Disorder” and remain devoted to techno’s harder side. One should not be disturbed by the feeling of hearing too many Adam X or Perc tracks because both are in their best form in another floor-dominating release. In their second twelve under the AX&P alias, the artists go beyond plain industrial rumble and ride the grooves in confident manner, offering a variety of EBM-rooted synth action like in the A-side’s “Mutiny”. It’s a throbbing battle call underscored by Adam X’s flanging whispers that recall the dark side poetry from […]

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HALL OF FAME: Leo Anibaldi interview from 1992


The foundations of the Techno Sound of Rome were laid by ACV Records, which was a club world’s beacon in the first half of the 1990s. The label saw a number of international producers and DJs emerging, Leo Anibaldi being one of the main players along with Robert Armani, Paolo Zerletti, Riccardo Rocchi, Dave Clarke and others. Along numerous singles Anibaldi produced several fine albums like “Cannibald – The Virtual Language” and later “Void”, a peek to the experimental side released on Rephlex.Anibaldi has remained active to the present day and his most recent EP “Evocation” with a Sebastian Mullaert remix came out […]

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Windom – Tart Tart (Pater Noster PATER002 – 2016)


“Tart Tart” is a remarkable addition to the very young catalogue of Pater Noster, a label from London that emerged with a various artists EP last September. The inaugural release was in my wishlist and even in my hands at the Phonica store, but finally another one was bagged. Whereas the debut was a solid techno collection with provoking artwork and identity that could have created blasphemous connotations, but hopefully not overshadowing the musical side. Pater Noster’s first solo artist Windom comes from Helsinki and across the four tracks he does not feel any mercy when pumping fuel to the floor. First we […]

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2015 wrap-up: Part Two

The second part of Terminal 313’s musical alphabet, to sum up the year 2015. Many of the entries have been covered in the blog posts and some of the mentions are about my long-time favourites who had a strong year.   Murder Capital. Cult electro label from the Hague, nowadays squatted by Gesloten Cirkel which put out two massive EPs last year.   Never On Sunday. The Burden brothers aka Octave One completed a new album in 2015 and simultaneously turned their eyes to the history. Among a couple of reissues of the 430 West classics, N.O.S.’s “Day By Day” was […]

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Qnete – Grey City Anthem (ZCKR Records ZCKR12 – 2016)


Although young Bremen-based artist Qnete missed the train to the “Grey City”, a showcase of local electronic and experimental artists on ZCKR Records, his redemption comes in great manner with the one-sided single “Grey City Anthem” on the same label. A producer acclaimed for the releases on his co-owned Drowned Records and Lobster Theremin, Qnete operates on home turf with an electro monster spanning over 11 minutes. After a proper start with seismic bass and sturdy 808 sequences, another twist is added by acidic flashes closer to the mid-track up to the glorious end. For fans of Gesloten Cirkel, Privacy and […]

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2015 wrap-up: Part One

This is Terminal 313’s musical alphabet to sum up the year 2015. Many of the entries have been covered in the blog posts and some of the mentions are about my long-time favourites who had a strong year. PART ONE: FROM A TO L Ancient Methods. The year of industrial techno’s genre-defining artist culminated with the new moniker Room 506 and “Red Embers”, my favourite track of the year.   Bernardi, Marco. Climbing to the consciousness of a wider audience, the UK producer excelled in 2015 with electro roughness on Brokntoys and dancing clowns on Berceuse Heroique.   Clarence G. After recent Drexciya reissues, the […]

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Various – Replicants (Inner Surface Music INNER010 – 2015)


“Replicants”, the first full-length compilation on Inner Surface Music, recalls for some reason the 1990s when techno samplers were a common thing and beside of quantity provided timeless selections of the contemporary sound. There were even special labels, like New Electronica which was licensing material from other outlets, not to speak about much-acclaimed series like “Techno Nations”, “In Order To Dance” and even “Thunderdome”. All of them offered a peek into new and established talent, providing aspiring DJs with classy, and often eclectic selection of new tracks. “Replicants” is a compilation right on target, offering a variety of sounds between classic loop techno and industrial-minded […]

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Various – TEK DEF (Trash Can Dance TCD902015 – 2015)


Children and parents, if you happen to have some idle cassettes in your household, Uncle Gert ‘Trash’ Moser would be a grateful receiver of those, to give them a new life and spread the message of music. A restless advocate of Estonian alternative and electronic scene, Trash has been running his DIY label Trash Can Dance for a couple of years and is showing severe signs of cassette affection. With “TEK DEF”, Trash has completed a compilation of local techno, a real hand-made product of recycled cassettes that come in three different insert designs. For the start, serious techno heads should not be turned away […]

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Room 506 – Drop Out (Room 506 – 2015)


All of a sudden, Room 506 is inaugurated with a landmark release, giving us a new definition of industrial sound rites. Orange marbled vinyl* that has been selling out quickly, will be a dominant release at the year’s end and strong contender in the race for the very best of 2015. Steely kicks and synthetic convulsions of the A-side’s “Drop Out” go overdrive for a metal techno feel, but the real catharsis begins with suggestive female recitals, which are gradually sinking into the mess of vocal effects. On the flip, twelve minutes of “Red Embers” are made of extremely contagious matter, when the bass […]

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DUST OFF: The best of 2005


The pressure is mounting for the end-of-the-year lists. It’s not an easy task when every week brings dozens of releases tagged as ‘unmissable’, ‘lethal’, ‘timeless’, and many of them are that, working well either in clubs or at home. The question is, which tracks are real survivors that will be applauded several years later. Judgement about the music’s lasting effect requires distance in time and space. This is why I selected fifteen survivors from my own collection to uncork well-matured 2005 produce, from the year that stood for the epidemic spread of minimal and emergence of grime/dubstep. But there was a lot more and as you […]

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