Dungeon Acid – The Move (Stockholm LTD STHLMLTD 035 – 2015)

STHLM LTD 035 DIGIFor a dance track, the length is usually an asset and this notion has been valued since historical creations like “Acid Tracks” or “French Kiss”, both spread over ten minutes. Now Dungeon Acid suggests that 12 minutes of your precious life could be spent in the company of compelling Point Chaud remix of “The Move”, which fills the A-side of Stockholm LTD’s new release.

The track which is not connected with “Move”, the artist’s 2013 piece on Detroit’s FIT, goes in the footsteps of classic Chicago workouts, in the form of a germinating acid house derivative. A gripping affair from the very beginning, it swerves through multi-layered percussion and at the mid-track it’s like (DJ) Hell breaking loose with the Traxx rework “Passionate!” for a climax on the floor.

The B-side belongs to the Stockholm LTD boss Pär Grindvik, who drops two technoid tolknings or interpretations of the original. Relying on bass-driven techno’s main ingredients, “Étude” is less imaginative, but “Beyond The Move” is a flawless piece meandering in analogue maze.

Although the Dungeon Acid project emerged only in 2010, the producer Jean-Louis Huhta, has been part of the (Swedish) techno scene since the 1990s, with releases on Svek, Hybrid, Börft and many other labels.

Points: 8 of 10


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Juju & Jordash – Down To The Roach EP (Dekmantel DKMNTL026 – 2015)


After the self-titled debut album in 2009, Juju & Jordash have stayed close to Dekmantel, a label in their chosen home Netherlands, where the Isreali-born producers also issued the next two longplayers, “Techno Primitivism” and “Clean-Cut”.

“Down To The Roach” is their new tool for the club use and it triggers many flashbacks. To start with, it’s wrong to assume that Roach and motel, seen in the track titles, refer to Heller & Farley who ran the Roach Motel project a couple of decades ago. Instead, the cuts look over the ocean, at the house tracks from around the Great Lakes.

The title tune is a casual (or Cajual) drum roller with high-pitched voice of a daydreamer, with audible parallels to Boo Williams and his “Old School Flavor”. Hitch-hiker jive “Bean Bag Motel” hits after the dissonant intro with ass-shaking repetitions and “Lights At Night” recall Gemini’s “Moment Of Insanity”, before the title’s dub version wraps it up.

Points: 7 of 10

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Ten f*ck tracks

Scan0005 (2)

Nordcore flyer from the 1990s

We can’t speak of the ‘fuck’ shortage in the music around us, as there are about 50,000 related hits in Discogs. Although the word itself is not enough for rebellion, the artists feel often tempted to see ‘fuck’ as a way to self-expression, which has led to a number of tracks balancing between the good and the bad taste, more the latter.

Obviously, ballads are not the genre where we should look around while music breeds like punk and hardcore or ghetto and booty bass provide a lot of thematic material. The following selection represents mostly artists and labels I can recall from earlier days. Something you should not show to your (future) mother-in-law,







Mark Forshaw – The Fuck (Berceuse Heroique)
Let’s start with the present day: Out on maverick label Berceuse Heroique this summer, “The Fuck” is the actual inspiration for the list. Check also Jamal Moss remix on the flip.


Biochip C. – Fucking Evil (Force Inc. Music Works)
Hellraiser vibes from a breakbeat & hardcore champion over 20 years ago.


Reyes – Fuck You (K.N.O.R.)
Gabber years offered a plenty of obscenities, including a lot of dumbness, but this one is a real belter.


Nasty Django – Ey Loco! (Dance Ecstasy 2001)
From the “Ey Fukkas! EP” by Nasty Django, one of Marc Acardipane’s countless projects, anchored to the hoovers and kicks drum.


Euromasters – Noiken In Die koiken / Neuken in de Keuken (Rotterdam Records)
Gabber kids used to freak out to this silly one. Your Dutch friends will translate the title.


DJ Hyperactive – Kala Ulu (Drop Bass Network)
Midwest hardcorps stylee: A mighty cut from the EP “Don’t Fuck With Chicago”.


Karen Finley – Tales Of Taboo (Pow Wow Art International)
The original shocker girl, teaching this and that. It’s not so much about the lyrics than the attitude.


Taste Of Sugar – Hmm, Hmm (Subway)
The Belgian new beat act took over the main sample from the previous.


Traxmen – F____n Suckin (Dance Mania)
Paul Johnson in booty action, several years before landing the worldwide smash “Get Get Down”.


Brothers Fuck & Friend – Brother F. (Murdercapital)
The Hague’s padre I-F and mates tackling the theme.

SHLTR – Konstrukt 001 (Konstrukt KON001 – 2015)

KON001 ArtworkThe debut release of the Dutch label Konstrukt arrived rather quietly, but SHLTR’s EP has the potential to strengthen its presence in DJ charts. Because what we hear is a beautiful label start with ample soundscapes from techno’s sensible side.

The magic of “Konstrukt 001″ lies in sweet timbres that make to believe in the kindness of human race, without running the risk of looking pathetic. The aptly titled opener “When Protection Surrounds” is the cream of the crop, built on endless pads that have something in common with Parazide’s “Makin’ Love” or, of recent examples, Eduardo De La Calle’s delicate sounds.

On the B-side, deep house inclined “Chained In Centuries” contains excerpts from field recordings, either reproducing rainforest moods or socially laden atmosphere and in “Earth From Within” the revitalisation session resumes with dubbed out smoothness. All in all, the three-tracker offers a real shelter for rainy days and the beautiful sleeve artwork by Hendrik Simons is a bonus.

Not much is known about the artist SHLTR. He comes from the Southern part of the Netherlands and has developed himself as a DJ, now teaming up with the fellow Dutch producer and DJ Doka. In addition to launching the new label, they also hold Konstrukt parties at the Studio 80 club in Amsterdam.

Points: 9 of 10


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DUST OFF: DATA newsletter about records, raves, retailers – Tampere city, 1992

Found among old papers, DATA was a techno/rave newsletter published in Tampere (FI) in 1992. The first page told what’s happening inside the brain of Mr Kirk, a techno DJ and party promoter who listed current top singles and LPs. It also announced “From The Edge Of Nowhere”, a Finnish techno compilation, that was issued under another name in 1993. A number of upcoming raves, including Mayday III, and shops offering ‘smart nutrient products’ were featured too.

The second pages continues with shops and lists a number of contacts, including Monojunk [Mono Junk], that time reachable on the phone [90] 754 1209, and Metal Bass Organisation, a posse behind the unforgettable The Temple rave in Helsinki in November 1992.


A track from this era:
Mono Junk “Holy Detroit”, from the “Beyond The Darkness EP” (Dum Records, 1992)

Secret Thirteen 159: Shawn O’Sullivan (STJ 159 – 2015)

Shawn-O-Sullivan-Secret-Thirteen-Mix-159Keywords like ‘Marc Acardipane’, ‘1990s’, ‘hardcore’, ‘Midwest rave’ have always alerted New York techno and synth wave artist Shawn O’Sullivan (Vapauteen, Further Reductions, Led Er Est). He belongs to the scene activists who believe that hardcore and acid techno played an important role in the evolution of 1990s electronic music. Hoover effects, nasty kick drums and crazy acid lines were part of the game that put the limelight on labels like Planet Core Productions, Dance Ecstasy 2001, Drop Bass Network, Direct Drive, etc.

Now Secret Thirteen has invited O’Sullivan to share his knowledge in a special mix covering many milestones of the 1990s harder techno. It was fast and furious these times, thus the 150-BPM rate of O’Sullivan’s mix was rather a standard back in the days. Most recommended peek to the history of rough beats.


 01. PCP's Phuture Project - Escape From 2017 (The Theme) [Planet Core Productions, 1996]
 02. Trip Commando - 3rd Trip-Phase [Dance Ecstasy 2001, 1995]
 03. Barracuda - Braineaters (The Mover Mix) [Elastic, 1997]
 04. Lorenz Attractor - Complexity Crisis [Praxis, 1995]
 05. Restaurant Tracks - Varta [Cheap, 1994]
 06. 303 Nation - Barcelona (Model # 1) [Dance Ecstasy 2001, 1994]
 07. Program 1 - MF Skulls [Planet Core Productions, 1994]
 08. Choose - Slowgan [Drop Bass Network, 1996]
 09. The Mover & Rave Creator - Atmos-Fear [Cold Rush Records, 1994]
 10. Woody McBride - Unlimited [Communique Records, 1995]
 11. Jeff Mills - The Hacker [Tresor, 1992]
 12. pHon - Saturday Nightmare [Ript Skin, 1998]
 13. Society of Unknowns - Dead By Dawn (The Endless Mix) [Praxis, 1997]
 14. Argonic vs. Atom X - Clinic - B (hall99) [Audio Illusion Recordings, 2000]
 15. Christoph De Babalon - Opium [Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR), 1997]
 16. Lory D - Effetto M [Sounds Never Seen, 1994]

For Terminal 313, O’Sullivan’s mix is a reminder to complete the second edition of “Barely Under 140 BPM“, a selection of ugly and noisy material from the 1990s. Stay tuned.

Read the full S13 post

Syncom Data – Rumpukone (Syncom Data Records SD38 – 2015)

12804 - sd38 - rumpukone - label B DEFLooking back to a strain of releases on Bunker and their own SD Records imprint, Syncom Data is having a remarkable year 2015. After issuing a warning with “Warehousing“, the Dutch act of Jan Katsma and Raoul De Vries keeps stimulating primitive urges with the new EP “Rumpukone”.

With a rate at 128, both the vocal and instrumental version don’t compete in the BPM race, but they carry potential of a full mental blackout without any substances. For anybody despising all kind of mind poisons, “Rumpukone” is a perfect tool how to get high on music.

Syncom Data’s action kit comes with hysterical recital by a lady called Saara Soini, who in the psychotropic title track expresses deep and sincere affection for the drum machine, doing it in her native Finnish. Witnessing the riot girl’s moaning on bass distortions and metallic effects, it is useful to know that according to the artists the source of inspiration was “Me and My Rhythm Box” from the 1982 film “Liquid Sky”. Perhaps because of Finnish affiliation, the title reminds of Tekonivel’s and Panasonic’s shuffled compressor beats too.

After “Rumpukone’s” instrumental part, Japanese artist Taka Noda aka Mystica Tribe joins the team to stir up “Space Madness”, for exactly 8:08 minutes of sci-fi vibes on the B-side. A showdown of machine soul, it could be a theme tune for abduction theories.

Syncom Data has been an exciting act hailing from The Hague, essentially after Bunker’s notorious compilation “Stalingrad Vol.1 – Das Beste Stahl“. On the home label they have put out numerous goodies, along with Louis Guilliaume, Roswell Return, Nukubus, Ovatow and other trusted players of the SD stable. Now “Rumpukone”, meaning ‘drum machine’ in Finnish, is poised to take over the sweatiest club locations, and not only in the country of a thousand lakes. Get it.

Points: 10 of 10

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Hauntologists – Hauntologists (HAUNTOLOGISTS 1LP – 2015)

coverDespite of rare appearances on the self-titled label, the Hauntologists are a household name in the electronic scene. Two talented producers, Jay Ahern (aka Add Noise, Aquarhythms) and Stefan Schneider (in Kreidler, To Rococo Rot), started the project in 2008 and since then they have completed five EPs, two of them on Ahern’s own label Modular Cowboy.

The duo’s new signs of life are coming with the debut (mini) album, according to the artists rooted in African music and conveying vehement spirit of the continent’s native drums. However, the result of the studio rituals can be described as ‘intelligent electronics’ with a hypnotic percussive edge, and certainly not as tribal music.

Two post-minimal minded cuts, “Howl” and “Point”, constitute the warm-up phase, being both glitchy and acidic to lend the necessary push to proceed. My bets will be on the next tracks: By “Brooklyn” everybody is awake to face snappy electric boogie, where ample rhythms clash with acidic dissonances. Modular sequences and hi-hats wind up “Wistful”, a bubbling and chirping piece sounding like an intro going out of the control.

“Hush” returns to micro beats of the A-side, with vocoded and chopped voice effects and wriggling 303. After stomping but somewhat stiff “Suspend”, another goodie sits at the end when “Hannett” collects the best bits from the story so far, offering a rich sound palette obscure clicks and snaps with rhythmic variations.

The vinyl version has only seven tracks, but when we add four digital bonuses, it will be good for a full album. “Hauntologists” speaks of the duo’s abilities and experience, but I would have expected more trippiness of Cheap & Deep Productions, roughness of Add Noise – in addition to the primal percussion of Diskant artists.

Points: 7 of 10

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Terminal 313 Mix: Promos & Classics Vol. 4 (July 2015)


Ilpo Numminen – Helsinki (Vuosi)
Inner8 – Ataraxia (Feat T.C.O.) (Undogmatisch)
Aci_Edits – 04 [04] (/\\Aught)
Hermans & Mr. Ho – Late Night Scuttla (Run Out Run)
Dungeon Acid – The Move (Point Chaud Remix) (Stockholm LTD)
Donato Dozzy & DJ Say – Your Eyes (Attic Music)
Array Access – Variation 2 (Eomac Remix) (Ressort Imprint)
Edit Select & Teste – Ascend (Edit Select Records)
Giorgio Moroder – Chase (Not On Label)
Hauntologists – Brooklyn (Hauntologists)
Polar Inertia – Floating Away Fire (Dement3d)
Exium – Magnetic Flux (PoleGroup)
Tracid Posse – Power Of Darkness (Overdrive)
Varg – Raggarsvin (Northern Electronics)
Løt.te – History of Discipline (The Bunker New York)
Surgeon – Returning to the Purity of Current (Tresor)
Elad Magdasi – Finger Trip (Matrixxman Remix) (Front Left Records)
Sleeparchive – Window-057 (Warm Up Recordings)
Amotik – Ek (AMOTIK)
Low Jack – Sweatpants Chick (In Paradisum)
Filter Feeder – One Good Hit (Teder Music)
Dasha Rush – Lumière Avant Midi (Raster-Noton)

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