Shitcluster – Meat Thief (Panzerkreuz 1027 – 2016)


The Hague’s loonies operating under the name Shitcluster have staged another freakshow of rhythmic noise, to disrupt ‘dance music’ as such. New distorted deviations by Charlie Watkins and Jan Duivenvoorden – the latter running nowadays the Unit Moebius Anonymous –  begin with two ramming tracks on the A-side that remind of Ancient Methods’ “The Whip” from 2009. The gruelling chug of A1 is led by hollow, bouncy drums and subtle complaints like coming from Sid Vicious’s taped mouth, followed by asphyxial feel of A2. The B-side opens with rubbery stabs and eerie clonks that are guided by rotating turbines like engineered by Vainio Väisänen Vega and giving the sensations […]

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Peacefrog turns 25, plans re-pressing early vinyl


The 25th anniversary of Peacefrog will not be a quiet one, when the seminal UK label admitted it plans to ‘re-press some early catalogue and favourites’. In 2011, the 20-year celebrations were marked with a couple limited edition and coloured vinyl represses of some sought-after tunes, such as both the original and remix versions of DBX’s “Losing Control”. Peacefrog has not yet disclosed any precise plans, what releases it has in mind, but suggestions from the social media have started streaming in. @terminal313 We’re in the process of re-pressing some early catalogue and favourites. Watch our socials for announcements — Peacefrog (@PeacefrogMusic) […]

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DUST OFF: Various – The Techno Sound Of Berlin (NovaMute NMCD 3002 – 1992)


Fragrances, jeans, alcohol, a selection of hit CDs and suddenly, “The Techno Sound Of Berlin (Berlin 1992 – Tresor Kompilation)” – it was my first, unexpected meeting with release. It happened in 1992 at Amerest, an upmarket store in the university city of Tartu that opened in the dawn of market economy in Estonia some years earlier. It used to accept foreign currency only, until June 1992 when free-falling rouble was swapped to the Estonia’s national currency kroon. Still former ‘valuta shops’ remained either places to expose own wealth or, for the people not so well off, to do some window shopping. I did the […]

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Anopolis – Δημοκρίτου (Lower Parts LP10 – 2016)


A heart-warming electronic music cluster has emerged in Greece around Thessaloniki’s Anopolis collective and Lower Parts, a label from Athens that has secured a quality roster with international artists such as DJ Stingray 313 or TX Connect, as well as late German acid king Andreas Gehm completed an EP during his prolific and unfortunately too brief career. However, the label’s first wave of releases came from the locals, most notably from Anopolis fellows who impressed with the debut in 2014. Now the group consisting of Dim DJ, Drum Machinee, Lowjac and Oldman Talkin’ has completed another sessions of drum programming and presents […]

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DUST OFF: Alden Tyrell – Times Like These: 1999-2006 (Clone CD 7 – 2006)


As DJ and producer, synth-obsessed Alden Tyrell has been a stalwart of the Rotterdam’s Clone community and remains active to the present day, despite of releasing (the first) retrospective already in 2006. By that time, Tyrell had become a renowned artist in the world of neo-italo and electro disco, who was providing energised tracks for curing the eighties homesickness. “Times Like These: 1999-2006” collected several of Tyrell’s previous tracks on Clone and Viewlexx, including synthetic party starters such as “Knockers”, “Disco Lunar Module” or “Love Explosion”. However, the album’s real treat is the mood-boosting “La Voix”, carried by Nancy Fortune’s powerful and sensual vocals and “I Feel Love” bass line. When hearing Fortune’s voice, one […]

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Luis CL – BD04 (Big Doint BD04 – 2016)


Big Doint from Adelaide, Australia is a label that may hail from the outskirts of global electronic village, but in its fourth EP the offshoot of Untzz Twelve Inch shows a good grasp of producing charming rhythms. Behind the tracks is Luis CL, by the civil name Luis Cran-Lawrence and a member of the Melbourne-based act Zanzibar Chanel, and his first twelve for Big Doint is filled with warm deep house that reminds of Chicago labels like Prescription or Guidance. Piano, hi-hats and smooth bass are driving the tunes “Heist”, “Moody Jass” and even the bizarrely titled “Kill Whitey” while “Joy” touches the foundations of space […]

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Artefakt / Evigt Mörker – Konstrukt 003 (KON003 – 2016)

KON003 Artwork

Dutch imprint Konstrukt had a flying start in 2015 when SHLTR debuted with revitalising tracks from techno’s brighter side. This year, the label continued with a split EP by Cassegrain and Sendai, and the next release comes from another combo consisting of Artefakt (Robin Koek and Nick Lapien) from the Netherlands and Evigt Mörker from Sweden. Compared to the label’s debut, it’s a pretty different ride. Four dark-toned tracks are destined for club escapades, without any ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. “Ritualist” opens the Artefakt’s side, an air-cushioned, rhythmic track that would fit to the Northern Electronics catalogue. “Sacrum” is a reverb-struck big room provider, inspiring the engineers before heading to the Hyperloop testing […]

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DUST OFF: Gemini – The Beginning (Relief Records RR 703 – 1994)


It’s time to correct a major shortcoming in this blog, namely the missing coverage about the artist who deserves superlatives – Spencer Kincy aka Gemini. A member of the mid-nineties guild of Chicago house producers who were headquartered at the labels like Relief and Cajual, Gemini shaped both the new deep and engaging sound from the Windy City. However, “A Moment Of Insanity”, his first twelve in my collection, was issued in Detroit, on Carl Craig’s Planet E, and Gemini also put out music on French Distance, UK’s Peacefrog – to mention a few of them. Still his best works appeared on the abovementioned home town labels. Gemini’s […]

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David Morley – The Origin Of Storms (De:tuned ASGDE010 – 2016)


De:tuned is keen to put acclaimed artists from the past to contemporary context, either by reissuing old or presenting new productions. The LA Synthesis double pack was one of the 2015 highlights and after B12’s “Transient Life”, it’s the turn of the UK-born Belgian resident David Morley who debuted back in 1992 with “Evolution” on R&S Records’ ambient offshoot Apollo and was active in the nineties with a handful EPs. With “The Origin Of Storms” the Belgian label resumes the pursuit for abundant textures in electronic music, when Morley’s beatless synth variations are floating over ambient fields in the 12″+10″ album over 40 minutes of playtime. The […]

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Pär Grindvik – Isle Of Real (Stockholm LTD Sthlm LTD LP01 – 2016)

temp sthlm lp digi v2

In the era of fast music consumption, when one can shuffle through the track-by-track streaming experience instead of buying a LP, the album format is luckily far from becoming obsolete. It’s still an effort that is meant to reflect the artist’s maturity, to look back to at least a couple of years of production experience. For Pär Grindvik, the waiting time was even longer, going back to the 1990s when he was in the heart of Swedish techno scene as DJ and record store owner. Preceded by a couple of split releases, Grindvik’s first solo EP “Monuments” came out in 2006 on his own […]

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