DUST OFF: 100% Acidiferous – Tank / 303 State (100%)

Acid assault from 1993 and Frankfurt. Not the most wanted of five releases by the 100% Acidiferous label. On the A-side “Tank” goes rushing and takes a deep bow to the fans of gabber as BPMs try to break the ceiling. Sounds better when pitched down, although meant for 45rpm.
On the flip “303 State” comes and bites with 303-sound and slapping kickdrum but is not as rebellious as the “Tank” side. Playing with pitch control would add new nuances to both tracks.
The sleeve carrying the slogan “Caution Acid” reminds of the invasion of a Dutch DJ gang I witnessed more than 15 years ago in the House of Chess, Tallinn. During the set a DJ with funny stiletto beard and proud ponytail presented the sleeve to the crowd. Acid was pouring down and Dutch go-go girls wearing mascara and snorkel flippers were a great sight.

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