Seminal, utopian, enigmatic – all these words and more have been said about Drexciya. Its EPs on Detroit labels like UR, Shockwave and Submerge are monumental electro that became instant classics – if we only recall wavejumpaaaa… Drexciya’s first album, “The Quest”, was out in 1997 and included cuts fromRead More →

Rating: 8/10 Sometimes I like fat menus. With mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, you name it. Also in the music, really fat stuff. Here come four calorie-saturated dishes, served by experienced chefs to make you feel heavy and happy thereafter. All the gear slaps and kicks to full enjoyment of bass addicts.Read More →

Rating: 7/10 Three synth cuts that express harmony and splendor we know from the previous Aube releases. The label’s most celebrated artist Roland S. Faber has teamed up with Keen K and Aube’s co-founder Michael Künzer to produce safe tunes for those who miss bygone times.The theme of Philomena, namedRead More →