The Durian Brothers – Cuts EP (Diskant 03)

Rating: 9/10

I would not say that Diskant is the second best thing coming from Düsseldorf, after Kraftwerk. But it’s very close. The label has decided to consistently pursue own distinctive, rhythm-obsessed sound. The website of Diskant Brothers ..ahem, Durian Brothers says it is polyrhythmic para-funk and I do not have any objections to that. The definition would work also for the second artist of the label, Harmonious Thelonious.
Dry drumming in “Overexposed Scream Contest” reminds of the first, Clubs EP, and shows how the party is started with ecstatic screaming. On the B-side, “Haisai” throws undulating rhythm patterns over hula-hula feel. In “Mille Yeux”, that is unfortunately too short, the drums ease a bit while the track is ruled by a rubbing sequence and even surprises with a housey piano chord for the end.
By recycling the legacy of exotica musicians and great drummers, The Durian Brothers provide great sound food. I only wonder what they plan for the next, as the same recipe might wear out in time.

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