Terminal 313 chart at Juno (June 2011)

Another month of excellent releases, topped by another masterpiece by Prologue when Donato Dozzy and Neel embarked on an aquatic trip in “Silent Drops”. The boys of Unit Moebius were sighted again at the sewers of La Haya, to team up with Shitcluster for weird electro tracks. Perc‘s “Wicker & Steel” is the album of the month, refraining from industrial techno stereotypes and delivering a varied choice of harder sounds. German act Robotron represents the electro faction and Zooloft shares again somber deepness on EP by Giorgio Gigli, Obtane and Milton Bradley. Music Institute 20th Anniversary Series comes with the Part 3, including KDJ‘s take of “Problèmes D’Amour” and Model 500‘s “Light Speed”.

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