Consequence – Symbol #4 (Auxiliary: Symbol AUXSYM004)

Rating: 9/10

Almost missed this record because it was labeled drum’n’bass, the style I’ve never been much into. After pre-listening it was clear that the fourth release in the Symbol series is cold-blooded sonic freemasonry built on eerie vocal samples, noise and bass abstractions.
Even if the opener “Symbol #4.1” is a derivative of current mainstream dubstep, the rest of the game is ruled by mad experiments with oppressive voices and sounds.
My pick is tingling and humming “Symbol #4.3” that really deserves entire 10 minutes of its existence and is filled with abstract exhibition music, squeezed between impenetrable walls of micronoise.
Cameron McLaren is a courageous sound painter who has mastered dark colors to create surreal compositions. A tasty aperitif for thrilling rites of secret sisterhoods.


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