Various – Groove 133 / CD 42

Rating: 7/10

Some good ones on this Groove compilation. Let’s start with a Mexican who loves machines and combines them with traditional instruments: like a godchild of Liaisons Dangereuses, Rebolledo rocks big time in “Steady Gear Rebo Machine” with monotone percussion – a pretty angry track that makes curious about the man’s recent album
Then Semantica – there is a short feature about the Spanish label in the magazine – is represented by E.R.P. with placid and deep electro track “Repose”, which gets the beauty award of this comp.
“Human Like Us” from the new album of Planetary Assault Systems is an oxygen-filled techno cut and Detroit is represented by Reel By Real, “Switchback” pulled from Martin Bonds’s first and recent album “Surkit Chamber – The Melding”. Frau Ursula Bogner emits sinusoids from her vintage sound room while Kuedo‘s melancholic synth showers in “Ant City” give a taste of great album released by Planet Mu.
The Oliverwho Factory is another strong addition to the Rush Hour roster, letting smooth Copacabana house to flow in “Galactic Transit (Recall Mix)”. Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra‘s crawling “Moving In A Backchat Room” is a neat one too. Finnish act Renaissance Man introduces a cut from a new album on Turbo. “Ultra Thizz” offers glittering boogie-step by Rustie and Oneohtrix Point Never‘s “Sleep Dealer” is a sound and voice collage.
Full track list and sound samples are here.

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