Falke – Undermyarms (Kann Records KANN 09)

Rating: 8/10

Kann Records from Leipzig made a debut with impressive double pack in 2008 and current vinyl by Falke confirms the label on the top German deep house scene.
“Undermyarms” is a track with two faces: first minutes are dominated by heavy bass heralding a tribute to darker acid house, but then piano and panpipes are unveiled for a smoother trip. Grooves get so dreamy and even trancy that Cosmic Baby or DJ Dag would be obvious choices for remixes.
“Late Night” combines the deeper sides of house with simple, but consistent acid lines while “Flying” is built on a unpretentious bass moves reminding of italo patterns, so here I would invite Nancy Fortune to lend her sexy voice to a vocal version.
Innovation is not the strongest feature of this record, but Falke has managed to combine a puzzle from colorful elements of the house music history. A positive release that brightens up your day. This spot in the skies of house music is in fact a falcon carried by strong protein-filled wings.

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