Stingray – Enters The Unknown (UTTU 005)

Rating: 8/10

After strong releases on Viennese label Trust and his own imprint Micron Audio, Detroit’s Stingray313 strikes again, now in collaboration with DJ Haus for the Unknown To The Unknown label.
A1 is for speed racers as it runs like on 45 and offers wild breakbeat staccato with deutsch vocoder. “The Sadist Pt 2”, a fatter version of the original with vocoder interference and melancholic synth hooks in the background. The B-side is conquered by remixers who disintegrate the original into two fine versions – Dopplereffekt scientist Heinrich Mueller is lost in micro schemes and Cestrian’s work is an interpretation in classic electro vein.
Stingray313’s recent output confirm him going his own way and the media should stop crediting him as “only” a DJ of a legendary Detroit electro act, which name starts with D.


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