Release date is June 2012 A reflection of the days when house was born: “122 BPM” features a number of unreleased and hard-to-find tracks from early to late 1980’s. It’s not about the house Trax built, but a compilation from the catalogs of Mitchbal Records and Chicago Connection Records.Gospel andRead More →

Heinrich Dressel, half-brother of Franz Falckenhaus and cousin of Klaus Weltman, embarks on a new synth and wave mission for the Italian outlet Mannequin. Travelling with a passport issued to Valerio Lombardozzi, the producer from Rome has recorded under the Composite Profuse alias and is closely associated with contemporary schoolRead More →

For listening “Heliograms” living room is the minimum requirement because the album aims to the spheres well above the clouds, even higher than the normal cruise altitude. Crystal clear skies would be a perfect setting for a sacral experience with the music of Jean Piché. Especially the first composition, “Ange”,Read More →

Found among old flyers a 1996 issue of Energy Flash, a lo-fi zine from Detroit. It invited readers for a Q&A session with Drexciya before the release of UR-037, “The Return Of Drexciya”. So anything you wanted to know about the aquatic electro act, or maybe not …Read More →

Peoples Potential Unlimited, a label from Washington DC, is on a mission to excavate forgotten treasures of  funk and soul. It was only recently when Andrew Morgan’s label issued a seven-inch by Uku Kuut, bringing the artist’s past not only to the consciousness of native Estonian audience, but also attractingRead More →

It might sound as an exaggeration, but the upcoming single on Rabih Beaini’s Morphine Records is from another dimension. The effect is intoxicating, by means of sound and voice processing executed by producers at the very Olympus of today’s electronic music.Two tracks from the label’s back catalog have been pickedRead More →