MPIA3 – Wttp / Casual Welding (Avian AVN004 – 2012)

A new bird is about to land on Shifted’s label Avian. MPIA3 is a new moniker of an artist from London who prefers to conceal real identity for the time being. I can only affirm that the act is not associated with the Buckingham Palace.

With the new signing, Avian enters the world of acid, a phenomenon resistant to any climatic and political change. Both tracks kick big time and are made for booming systems. “Wttp” is something I would describe as acid tune, where functional tightness is somehow diluted by a merry sequence, but basically does not spoil the game characterised by skilled use of tension-filled drops and EQ control.

The flipside features serious business in „Casual Welding”, which would nicely decorate Drop Bass Network catalog. Sledgehammer bass, charging acid jabs and rave age signals leave no doubt that the track is created for sweaty moments in abandoned steelworks. After that we may expect further research in corrosive sounds from MPIA3. [About “Ely / Squatter’s Dog” (Avian 005) with another two acid techno blasts read here]

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