Headless Horseman – Headless Horseman 002 (HDL002 – 2013)

“Decapitation” is the best cure for the bored. The opener of the new Headless Horseman hits with cold-blooded synth swirl mounted on throbbing and kicking bass and sharp claps. A sinister and rampant techno cut and the most convincing achievement of the ghost of a Hessian trooper so far.
Extra help is engaged in the dark dealings of “Graveyard” when Perc’s no-nonsense rework covers the place with the textures of booming industrial techno before the original “Graveyard” leads the cavalcade to the terminal point with half-stepping rhythm.
In my view the necromantic connotations do not sound very creative here, but musically Headless Horseman is on a very promising path. Beware of techno Goths.

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