Donor/Truss – Aber (M_Rec Ltd Grey Series MRECLTDGS05 – 2013)

New York-London connection at work again when Donor and Truss drop another collab, this time for M_Rec Ltd Grey Series. The vinyl-only EP follows Donor’s recent metronomic “H9” on Semantica and fits to Truss’ post-MPIA3 phase. Although it’s essentially a techno record it consists of two partitions: Both “Spacial” and “Aber” are darkroom species for a loud system with crackling textures, modulated voice ripples and heavy keys. Different approach prevails in other two: “Beneath”, which sounds very Donor, hovers closer to ambient and smudged abstractions with fragmented percussion while a pinch of cosmic funk is added to bleepy “Ease”.

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