Stingray313 – NKKtwo_2 ([NakedLunch] NL 015 – 2013)

Supreme productions of Stingray313 aka Gerard Ingram in contemporary electro and his strong previous outing on [NakedLunch] were clearly good omens for a follow-up on the same label. The man with a mission to foster Detroit electro clearly lives up to expectations although might be perceived on a surprisingly melodic tip.
The first tones of “NKKtwo_2” radiate the spirit of UR (“Dark Energy”) and slightly melancholic track seeks the depths of bass with flickering synth stabs on tribalistic percussion.
He shows some more teeth in “NKKK4_2”, a futuristic jam which rides on ascending chords and loops towards the sea of tranquility. Even when Stingray313’s usual militant take on electro is not clearly present, the new single is an extremely inviting piece of soulful machine boogie.

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