Terminal 313 Mix: Barely Under 140 BPM (self-made 2013)

A drawing from Fantastic Universe, December 1954

It’s not quite that the grass was greener in the 1990s but it can’t be denied that today the BPM rate of even harder, industrial tracks goes rarely over 130. It’s like a border line between serious electronic music and cheap hardstyle productions for the masses. Although the beat frequency itself should not be an objective, if we only think about extremities like Moby’s “Thousand” in 1993, fast beats have had certain appeal. All that brought me to a selection of tracks from, with a few exceptions, the last decade of the 20th century. Mostly acid and hardcore cuts that shook the rave nation, many of them my personal favorites.


Hunk (excerpt from the film)
Clara Mondshine - Lange Melodie Für Den Countdown
Dag Tribe - Legalize It
Tevatron - Dark Energy
Johannes Heil - 20.000 Leagues Under the Skin, Pt. 9
Illuminatae - Tremora Del Terra
Search & Destroy - What Kind Of Madness
Ra-X - Staeunky
Stomach Basher - Is This Happening To Me
Jeff Mills - Berlin
Terence Fixmer – Shout
Integrated Circuits - Patience
Spinning Atoms - Bubble Memory
303 Nation - Damnation
Freddy K - Good Reaction
Cellblock X - Toxic Trip
X-Crash - Sub-Conscious Overload
NRG - He Never Lost His Hardcore
Feeling of Passion - Wake Upp
Feeling Of Passion - Wake Upp (Hard Feeling Mix)
Johnny Violent - North Korea Goes Bang
4D - Hidden
Mike Henk - Connect
Cosmic Baby - Loops of Infinity (Contemplative)

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