Drøp – Vasundhara EP (Arboretum ARB001 – 2014)

When tracing the foundations of artist name Drøp, it can be guessed as a Nordic thing because of the symbol ø, a vowel in Norwegian/Danish. But more probably it stands for the mathematical empty set, a state of being which describes well Drøp’s debut EP “Vasundhara”.
The project is a brainchild of Italian Giuseppe Bifulco, born in Naples and now residing in Berlin, and dedicated to the gloomy ends of sound composition. According to the artist the sound is generated by manipulating electric circuits, lights or everything else is able to turn electric impulses.
This approach is reaffirmed in the opener “Epileptic Heritage”, setting the tone for distressed ambient and noise interpretations. “Erratic Rituals” is an ode to post-nuclear survival with blemished ambient layers and hypnotic drumming, followed by true-blooded drone session “Vasundhara”, slowly cruising in hazardous ooze. Dadub remix of  “Epileptic Heritage” represents the uptempo side and targets industrial segment of the floor while digital bonus “Death Of Apasmara” is a mashup of tweaked signals and abstract sound bits.
Looking at the track titles, Hindu mythology has been a source of inspiration for Drøp but the sound carries along the same Nordic claustrophobia we know from the works by Ulwhednar or even Mika Vainio.

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